Vehicle Description

Beautiful 1976 Land Yacht! the 1976 Coupe DeVille! Gracious Luxury with Monster 500ci Engine Well Appointed as a Cadillac Should Always Be! Really Low Miles... Beautiful Car! Here at GLCC for a low attainable price for all! 976 presented itself to luxury car buyers as the final opportunity to purchase a brand new, full-sized Cadillac motorcar. The American luxury car had been a tradition for decades, and identified its owners as among the fortunate few who had "made it." Successful in business, investments, or just lucky enough to be born into a wealthy family, driving a large luxury car was one of the benefits of having money. A status symbol, for certain. But also a luxury conveyance that provided the appropriate atmosphere for those who appreciated the finest in everything they purchased. The Cadillac motorcar had long established itself as one of the world's finest automobiles, and it was deemed to be the ultimate expression of achievement in America. Some identified Cadillacs with older, established people, yet the fact remains that many a young entrepreneur, upon realizing financial success and independence, went out and purchased a Cadillac as one of their first expenditures. Joining the Cadillac club was never exclusively for the retired set. It wasn't just the sheer size of a Cadillac, or the luxurious interior appointments, or the elegant styling that spoke eloquently of the owner. It was all of these things together, plus its economy of use, with minimal scheduled maintenance trips, its fuel efficiency, and its retained value when traded in. And yes, the knowledge that you and your family traveled in one of the world's finest cars. All of these things combined made Cadillac a good value. One of the aspirations of many was to eventually be able to afford a new Cadillac. Some strained to achieve this goal, and once exposed to the joys of Cadillac ownership, decided that it was worth cutting back in other areas if necessary. They could sacrifice and forego other niceties, but not with their choice of cars. But this was about to change. The days of hoods long enough to serve as a pool table were about to end. The oil embargo of 1973, which resulted in gas shortages and closed gas stations across the country, sent a message to the public. And to the American auto manufacturers. Inflation during the seventies and an economic recession during the middle of the decade enforced the consideration that new car purchases should be made with an eye toward efficiency. Cadillac got this message loud and clear, and began designing its first smaller car in late 1973. The result was the 1976 Seville, which was announced in April 1975 and appeared early in dealer showrooms on May 1, 1975. At first, Cadillac was concerned that the luxury car buying segment of the population wouldn't accept a smaller Cadillac, but growing western demand for luxury imports indicated there was indeed such a market. The Seville was an immediate success, and reinforced Cadillac's plans to down size the rear wheel drive models for 1977, followed by a smaller Fleetwood Eldorado in 1979. Knowing people were resistant to change, Cadillac cleverly introduced the Seville beforehand, and priced it at the very top of the line, between the Fleetwood Brougham and Fleetwood Seventy-Fives. This allowed Cadillac's repeat customers to compare the new smaller car with the full-sized cars. When the new smaller Cadillacs were introduced in 1977, the public loved them and set a new sales and production record for the second year in a row. In addition to 1976 being the last year of the traditionally-sized Cadillacs, it was also the last year for the Calais series. Introduced in 1965 as a replacement for the 62 Series, which dated back to 1952 and had identified Cadillac's lowest-priced models, the Calais was named after the northern French town known for its picturesque scenery. Slow sales doomed the Calais, as GM's customers preferred to purchase a top of the li

Vehicle Details

  • Listing ID:CC-1421605
  • Price:$14,995
  • Location:Hilton, New York
  • Year:1976
  • Make:Cadillac
  • Model:DeVille
  • Exterior Color:Amberlight Firemist
  • Interior Color:Tan
  • Transmission:Automatic
  • Odometer:29896
  • Stock Number:E1340
  • VIN:00006D47S6Q128069