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There are plenty of weekend cars on the road you can get for around $50,000, and many of them will provide a great experience, but none of them will be as much fun as a Morgan 3 Wheeler. If you’re buying a second car, to use on weekends and for quick stints around a twisty road, this car needs to get serious consideration. At any point, at any speed, in any condition, this is easily one of the most enjoyable cars to drive.

A huge V-twin engine resides up front with two skinny tires sticking out from either side. The overall aesthetic is reminiscent of a WWII fighter plane. Few cars are as instantly intriguing to enthusiasts, passersby and other motorists as the way the Morgan 3 Wheeler. Morgan has produced this version of the 3 Wheeler since 2012, and they’re all bespoke, hand-built, and finished in a tiny shop in the English city of Malvern Link. It’s a two-seat, front-engine, rear-drive roadster that’s actually homologated and registered as a motorcycle in the U.S. since it only has three wheels.

It may surprise you that Morgan has actually been making three-wheeled cars since 1911—longer than most car companies have been in existence. The first run V-twin models were built from 1911 until 1939, and even had four-cylinder Ford motors in some models from 1932 through 1952.

Morgan built this machine to be all about driving fun and there's nothing practical about it. There's no roof, no cup holders, no A/C, heater or stereo. But what it lacks in accoutrements it makes up for in cool factor. Morgan says that the 3 Wheeler will go from 0-60 mph in just six seconds, but riding along side with the current owner it felt like it might even be quicker than that.

The powertrain is a unique combination of bits. It’s got that big S&S V-twin motorcycle engine up front hooked up to a Mazda five-speed manual gearbox, and then the single rear wheel is belt driven. Believe it or not, city driving is awesome. It’s easy to maneuver, has great visibility (seeing as it has no roof, a tiny windscreen, zero pillars, and the side view circular mirrors are easy to move around manually if you find yourself in a tight spot) and the steering is super precise when you’re in motion.

The overall length is just 126 inches, but the wheelbase is 92 inches. That proportion helps not only sharpen handling, but keeps any bumps subtle. A tubular steel space frame keeps the chassis rigid enough to keep handling in order, while providing you reasonable cabin safety. When you are trying to park in a tight space, things do get a little harder. With no power steering, and not much steering adjustment, you will find that you’ll want some momentum when you pull into a parking spot. If you’re trying to make a U-turn in an intersection or in the turn lane of a four lane road, you’ll have to put in some extra elbow grease.

Storage is minimal. There are pockets inside the cabin, next to each person, where you can throw your mobile phone or maybe a folded piece of paper, but you won’t be making a grocery run to feed a family of four with a passenger on board, and you definitely won’t take this on a long road trip. There is a rear storage compartment, which nicely fit the car’s tonneau cover on one side and the tool kit in one small spot in the tail, but storage space is  limited to say the least. Another reminder that the Morgan 3 Wheeler isn’t built for practicality. It is built for fun.

Where storage is limited cool details are abundant. There’s a start button hidden behind a flap, just like you get in a Lamborghini. The horn is a toggle switch in the middle of the dash panel. The trunk is held down with leather straps. Even the headlights are activated with a switch just like the horn. It’s a simple panel, but it’s got plenty of character that perfectly fits this car.


We are excited to consign this vehicle for the original owner. This was the first Gulf livery tribute and the build is chronicled in a coffee table book which will accompany the vehicle sale. Morgan Motors of New England recently completed an extensive list of services including:

- Crank pulley update kit

- Steering geometry and comfort upgrade kit

- M3W fan kit

- Engine-out Centa drive update kit

- All fluids replaced

Please inquire for a copy of all records and invoices available wit this M3W.


Cult Cars  is a licensed Colo0rado auto dealer and will add a $299 dealer handling fee to the final purchase price.

Vehicle Details

  • Listing ID:CC-1419804
  • Price:$45,000 (OBO)
  • Location:Denver, Colorado
  • Year:2013
  • Make:Morgan
  • Model:3-Wheeler
  • Exterior Color:Blue - Gulf Livery
  • Interior Color:Black
  • Transmission:Manual
  • Odometer:950