For Sale: 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ in Colares, Portugal

Vehicle Description


Toyota Land Cruiser

Vin#: BJ45-003954

Registration Number (& license plate): RN-23-80

Model: BJ45LV-KC/P

Decoded Vin:

B=Diesel (1984=3B engine)

J=Production Line

45=Chassis code (Long wheel base hardtop)

L=Left hand drive


K=4-speed transmission

C=Swing-out rear doors

P=Portugal, Ovar factory



This Toyota BJ45 Troop Carrier (Troopy) was ordered from the portuguese Toyota factory in Ovar (near Porto) by the Federal Government of Portugal as a representative and work vehicle for the chief of a large fire department in the city of Baltar-Paredes in Portugal.

It was exclusively used by the chief of said fire department when on work related and representative drives. It was assigned the national registration number RN-23-80 in January 1985, which is also its license plate. This number is valid only on that vehicle, meaning a plate number is assigned to any given portuguese vehicle once and then stays with that vehicle permanently, it can not be reassigned to another vehicle at a later date.

This is one of only 460 Troop Carriers made during the entire poduction run of the J4 series Toyota Land Cruisers in Portugal from 1979 to 1984 and one of only 60 produced in 1984. A very recent letter/email from Toyota-Portugal stating that fact clearly is present as we inquired with Toyota for more info on the BJ once we finally decided to sell it. Original document copies on request by email,

This BJ45 has been driven a total of only 39.100 Miles (62.554 km) from new in the past 36 years, as is shown in its odometer reading. It has received a new outside skin only paint job in excellent quality sometime after it was retired from active duty in the fire department in 2003. The body shell was repainted in the original Freeborn red, Toyota paint code 309, most likely because it previously had decals and painted on Fire Department emblems and stripes etc. when being used previously. 

Since then it has only been used occasionally. We put only 1500 km on it in since we owned it, using it just locally for drives to the grocery store or to a cafe or such, it is just too nice to drive extensively and definitely too nice to make into a camping vehicle, which was our original plan when we semi-retired and started spending more time at our vacation house in Portugal near Lissabon this past year.

This Land Cruiser has always been parked inside, either its assigned fire house or in a private garage. It has always been serviced above and beyond what was needed by the fire department and by us and has never been in any accident or fender bender or anything similar, which can be seen by how straight and exceptional and original its entire sheet metal skin, frame rails and hardtop condition are to this day. 

The original steering wheel, dashboard and knobs, levers and gauges are in great condition with the gauges still showing a clean face and still being fully functional. The original ashtray looks to have never been used. Sun visors and rear view mirror are excellent as is the glove compartment lid with its original decal still in place. None of these parts look replaced or restored, they are as original looking as can be for a 36 year old, mostly commercially used vehicle. 

All 13 seats, both in front and the rear are excellent, they look original yet feel barely used and still have a good springy feeling. The rear compartment has been lined with custom made rubber mats, the front compartment has carpets. Neither are original from 1984, though they do work as intended. 

The original bottle jack is present in its proper mount behind the drivers seat and there is an OEM Toyota toolkit with the vehicle as well as the 3-piece jack-handle set. An English language owners manual, chassis and body workshop manual, 3B engine manual, parts manual and many other brochures and documents are all included with the vehicle.

There are no known technical issues or problems, the vehicle starts up flawlessly even after sitting for 6 months, as if just driven yesterday. It does not smoke upon startup except for what would be normal for a Diesel engine that is in excellent condition with such low mileage and it picks up from cold within 1 minute and runs as it should.

The undersides of the rocker panels are always an excellent indication of the condition of a Land Cruiser J series vehicle and on this BJ they are exceptional, with the many vent holes clearly unmolested by any type of oxidation or rust, still covered in the original red paint from 1984 and with all the surrounding sheet metal straight and free from any previous damage or signs of impact or replacement or oxidation.

The entire under carriage has no rust prevention coating on it, yet shows no sign of rust or damage anywhere. There are many images from underneath to show all the different areas of the under carriage. There is some light brownish surface oxidation on the 4 leaf springs and yes, one could call that rust, but it would be totally misleading since it has been there probably for the past 20 years and we did not want to paint or change anything underneath because it would have looked out of place with the rest of the vehicle’s exceptional condition. It looks to still having the original exhaust mounted from when it was delivered new in 1984 and even this exhaust still looks to be in good condition over its entire length, muffler and all, without any holes or damage, neither to pipes, connectors, holding brackets or heat shields. 

To sum things up, this BJ45 is one of the better original and truly ummolested classic vehicles i have ever owned, and this is not a light heart'd claim. I did own a few classic cars over the past 40 years, from Mopars to Jaguars and even some Italian and German makes.

We own this Land Cruiser free and clear, with the original documents present to show its unique history going back to new and officially we are only the second owner since it stayed registered in the fire departments name until we purchased it.

This BJ45 offered for sale is currently sitting in our garage awaiting shipment to either its new owner anywhere worldwide or to our house in Arizona together with some classic motorcycles we have sitting here at our vacation home near Lisbon. It is registered and insured and can be test driven any time, if someone was interested in doing so before a purchase.

We have set the asking price to include all shipping and handling expenses from our vacation house to any seaport worldwide inside a dedicated 20 foot shipping container since firstly we have business contacts in the freight forwarding business arena and secondly since we have to ship it in any case, either to our house in Arizona, or if sold then to the new owners wherever they might be in the world. Of course if someone wanted to buy it and pick it up in person this would also be possible at our house near Lisbon in Portugal. Then of course the asking price will be reduced by the appropriate amount. 

Note to US buyers: 

This Toyota Land Cruiser BJ45 is over 30 years old and does not need to conform to DOT or EPA regulations when imported into the US, it is truly easy and not complicated to title and register it in any state in the US. We can offer help with this process since we have done it several dozen times with classic vehicles from Europe  each time we added a new arrival to our personal classic vehicle collection in the past 10-12 years. 

To that end, after an appropriate and fair deposit on the purchase of this BJ45 has been received, we can offer a flat-fee, complete and professionally executed service which would include insured transport to-, titling and registering of this Land Cruiser in Gilbert, Arizona . Please inquire for more details if you are interested in this option.

Feel free to text message us at the number provided here (1-480-401-8309) Please text messages only with a call-back number, we are traveling and can not pick up most calls. thanks

Thanks for your interest....

Vehicle Details

  • Listing ID:CC-1335008
  • Price:$48,800
  • Location:Colares, Portugal
  • Year:1984
  • Make:Toyota
  • Model:Land Cruiser BJ
  • Exterior Color:Red
  • Interior Color:Black
  • Transmission:Manual
  • Odometer:39100
  • Exterior Condition:Excellent
  • Seat Material:Vinyl
  • AM/FM Radio:Yes
  • Bucket Seats:Yes
  • Engine Condition:Running
  • Drive Train:Part-time 4WD

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