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For Sale at Auction: 1963 Volvo PV544 in Tacoma, Washington

Auction Vehicle
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Vehicle Description

Classic beauty, with sweet upgrades! Does not drive like your Grandpa's 544! B20 Engine rebuilt ~3,000 mi ago, then 2015 complete to-the-frame body restoration, interior rehab with: C 30 seats front and back, all new paint, solid walnut dashboard and shifter, new headliner, new stereo & speakers, MP3 input, nice woofer in the trunk, Dyna-Mat soundproofing throughout. New electric panel & major rewiring,"Frenched" tail lights, P-1800 Overdrive, and tunnel, (switch on shifter added), air shocks in rear. Recently, through 12/15/18: new front brake cylinders, E-brake adjuster, fog lights, tune up; timing, dwell, plugs, choke assembly. Rear diff. mounts, int. door panels, glove box, headlight upgrade, paint touch up. See engine rebuild specs below: 1963 Volvo PV544 Sport Specs:Block,Type: 1975 B20F,Bore: 92mm Stroke: 80mm, Displacement: 2134cc, Piston-to-head clearance: .023", Compression ratio:, Static compression: 195psi, Pistons: Mahle, B21, flat tops, balanced, Piston rings: Deves, B21, standard, 1st ring: 1.75mm, 2nd ring: 2mm, 3rd ring: 4mm, Connecting rods: balanced, (B20 original),Connecting rod bearings: Glyco, .010" under, Crankshaft: B20 original, balanced, Main bearings: OEM, .010" under, Main seals, front & rear: silicone, Elring, Rear crankshaft housing: aluminum, (B20 original)Rear crankshaft housing gasket: handmade, paper, Crankshaft pulley: B20 original, steel, Flame trap: B20 original, steel, Flame trap gasket: handmade, paper, Crankcase filter:Oil pump: B20 original, upgraded w/ reinforcing ring & high-pressure spring, Oil pump seals: rubber, Oil pan: B20 original, steel, Oil pan gasket: Elwis, Oil: 10W-30, Engine mounts: B18 original, Engine mount bushings: rubber, Valve train, Head: 1975 B20F, street-performance ported by Rob Gordon of VolTech in 1988, #101, Head gasket: Cometic MLS Big Bore, .027" crush height, Head studs: steel, Intake valves: 44mm, Exhaust valves: 35mm, Valve seats: hardened, Valve guides: bronze, Valve stem seals: (spring/umbrella style purchased from IPD), Valve springs: Isky, double-wound, Valve spring retainers: Isky, steel, Rocker arms: B20 original, Rocker ratio: Pushrods: Isky, Hi-Rev, Lifters: Isky, Hi-Rev, Valve lash: .018", hot, Camshaft: Isky, VV71, Camshaft bearings: (purchased from IPD), Timing gears: steel, Timing gear cover: B20 original, aluminum, Timing cover gasket: handmade, paper, Valve cover: cast alloy, Valve cover gasket: Victor Reinz, cork, Oil cap: B20 original, steel Oil cap seal: Viton, Intake system, Carburetors: B18 original, dual, SU HS6, 44mm, Throttle shafts: ZT-roller, Needles: SM, Jets: Burlen, Float valves: Grose, Air filters: K&NManifold: aluminum, B20 original, Fuel pump: Pierburg, Fuel pump gasket: paperFuel pump spacer: Bakelite, Intake & exhaust manifold gasket: (purchased from IPD)Exhaust system, Manifold: B20 original, cast iron, dual downdraft, Exhaust pipe: 2.25", Muffler: Magnaflow, 18", Resonator: Magnaflow, Ignition system, Starter: B18 original, Bosch, Distributor: B18 original, Bosch VJU 4 BL 33, Pertronix electronic ignition, Distributor cap: Bosch, Distributor rotor: Bosch, Distributor base gasket: paper, Coil: B18 original, Spark plug wires: Bosch, 8mm, Spark plugs: Bosch, BP7HSCooling system, Thermostat: Calorstat, 178F/81C, Thermostat seal: rubber, Thermostat housing: B18 original, aluminum, Water pump: OEM, Water pump gasket: paper, Water pump seals: rubber, Fan: B18 original, four-blade, Radiator: B18 original, Suspension, Springs: OEM, Shocks, front & rear, left & right: Monroe, Sway bar, front: 1" steel, Bushings: polyurethane, Drivetrain, Flywheel: B20 original, steel, balanced, 20lbs, Clutch: Sachs, Transmission: B18 original, M40, Transmission fluid: 30 weight oil, Rear differential: Spicer Brakes drums, left & right, front & rear: B18 original, 9" drum, Brake shoes: (purchased from IPD), Brake wheel cylinders, left & right: Centric, 13/16" fronts, 25mm rears, Brake hoses, left & right, front, single rear: Centric, Wheels, left & right, front & rear: American Racing, 15",Tires, left & right, front & rear: Toyo, 15",Body, Seats: left & right, front, rear. Volvo C30, 2006,2015 Full inspection & rust removal, repair, and full water resist bed-liner spray to undercarriage, interior floor.

Vehicle Details

  • Listing ID:CC-1220693
  • Price:Auction Vehicle
  • Location:Tacoma, Washington
  • Year:1963
  • Make:Volvo
  • Model:PV544
  • Exterior Color:green/silver
  • Interior Color:Black
  • Transmission:Manual
  • Odometer:0
  • Stock Number:471
  • Title Status:Clear

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