Tips for More Effective Searches

Searching for vehicles on is easy, but if you limit your searches to just year, make and model you'll likely be quickly overwhelmed by all the vehicles we have for sale, especially if your dream classic is a popular model. Here are some simple tips to zero in on your dream classic.

Advanced Search Page

The Advanced Search Page offers a comprehensive form with all your search options. These go way beyond what's available on our home page. Keep this link handy to use many of the tips on this page.

Years, Make and Model

The basic fields are set to be as flexible as possible. Search for an entire generation of vehicles at once by entering a range of years in your search. To search for 1st-generation Camaros, for example, try searching for 1967 through 1969 Chevrolet Camaro to see them all together on one search result set. If you aren't sure of the first or last year of a date range, simply leave that field empty and we'll return everything from or until that year automatically.

Model Variants

Many popular vehicle models can be further broken down into variants. By default, anything you enter into the Model field returns all instances of that model plus all of its variants. If you're interested in just a variant, sub-model or trim level, enter that into the Model field. For example, entering "Mustang" into the Model field retrieves all Mustangs, but entering "Mustang Cobra" limits your search to just Cobras. A real time saver!

Price Ranges

As with the Year fields, the Price fields allow you to enter zeros to set just a lower or an upper price.

Local, City and Regional Search

By default, retrieves nationwide. We do this because often, the car or truck of your dreams is in another state, and we wouldn't want you to miss out on seeing it. If, however, you want to limit your search locally, simply enter your country or state to limit searches by geography. If you are in the United States, you can further limit your search to a given ZIP Code and optionally a radius in miles, with the entered ZIP Code as the center of the circle. Be aware that the default distance is "exact," meaning only vehicles within the ZIP Code you entered will be retrieved.

Seller Type

Vehicles on are offered by private sellers, dealerships and auction houses. If you're interested in dealing with only one or two of these seller types, select the checkboxes to limit search results by your desired seller type.

Page Size

This tip is handy if you have a fast connection and would rather see a larger page size. By default, returns 15 vehicles per page. Use the Page Size option to return a larger number of results per page, up to 60. Once you set this value, it will stick for the remainder of your session.


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