Tips and Strategies for My Alerts

My Alerts is a members-only search automation service which simplifies searching for one or more specific types of vehicles without having to come back to and searching from scratch each time. With My Alerts, you simply save an existing search and we'll send you updates via email on a daily basis if any vehicles that match your search criteria appear on our site, or if the price of any existing vehicle is reduced by the seller.

Become a Member

In order to use My Alerts, you need to be logged in as a member. Joining is free and takes just a few seconds. If you try to set an alert while not yet a member, you'll be asked to log in or join first. You'll know you're logged in because you'll see your name in the site header at the top of every page (or in the main menu if you're using our mobile website).

Select at Least a Make and a Model

Because the My Alerts feature is so powerful, you must narrow down your search criteria to include at least a make and a model. This way, you won't be bombarded by thousands of alert emails.

Use Descriptive Alert Names

When setting an alert, you'll be given the chance to name your saved search for easy reference later. If you forget to name your alert, no problem! We'll assign it a name automatically based on your search criteria. You'll probably want to assign it a more personalized or descriptive name, especially if you have multiple alerts active at once. Good names include general descriptions such as "Cheap Mustangs in Texas" or "Gen 1 Camaros from private sellers," for example.

Set Up To Five Alerts

Whether you're actively shopping for a classic vehicle or simply keeping tabs on the market, you may want to have more than one alert set at a time. Fortunately, allows up to five simultaneous alerts. You can even set up alerts just so you don't miss out on serious eye candy like super-expensive Duesenbergs, Ferraris, or whatever makes you smile!

Unsubscribe Anytime

You're always in control when it comes to alerts. You can unsubscribe from alerts individually by clicking the "unsubscribe" link in each email message or edit your alert preferences by logging in to and managing My Alerts from your Dashboard. From your Dashboard, you can create an alert, as well as edit and cancel any or all of your alerts.


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