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2016 Chevrolet Corvette Z51 Coupe SUPERCHARGED HENNESSEY HPE650 ($15,000) The Z06 Alternative for $20,000 LESS!! ** 1 OWNER ** STILL NEW ** ONLY 4,000 MILES HENNESSEY PERFORMANCE HPE650 HPE High-Flow Supercharger System HPE High Flow Supercharger Intercooler System HPE Engine Management Upgrade Chassis Dyno Calibration High flow Air Filter Element Corsa Exhaust System Z51 PERFORMANCE PACKAGE TRANSPARENT REMOVABLE ROOF PANEL NAVIGATION Touch Screen & Surround Sound! Performance Data Video Recorder VENTILATED, COOLED AND HEATED SEATS!! Z51 PERFORMANCE PACKAGE Z51 Performance Suspension Slotted Brake Rotors Electronic Limited Slip Differential Rear Differential Cooler Z51 3.42 Gear Ratios Dry Sump Oil system Rear Spolier Painted 19 Front & 20 Rear Wheels 2LT Equipment Heads Up Display Heated & Ventilated Seats Memory Package Power Lumbar & Power Bolsters Seat Adjusters Seat Badges Premium Audio with Surround Sound XM Radio Power Lumbar & Power Bolsters Seat Adjusters Universal Home Remote Front Curb View Cameras Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror Advanced Theft System MORE INFORMATION ON THE HPE vs Z06!! For many decades the typical American performance car in the minds of drivers was a muscle car. A large, heavy car with lofty suspension and a gargantuan V8; this was the stigma with which our fine nation was pinned. The American auto industry has since been diversifying its performance fleet by manufacturing its own unique style of sports cars. Several iconic American sports cars such as the Ford GT and Dodge Viper have made their mark on history by bringing American competitiveness to the cutthroat land of track-inspired lap machines. But if one car has revolutionized the way American sports cars are perceived, it is the Chevrolet Corvette. Tracing its roots back to 1953, the Corvette was one of the earliest American vehicles to mate performance handling and braking with traditional American horsepower and has always carefully tread the fine line between finesse and brutality. Since its conception the Corvette has undergone several generations of design from the C1 to todays C7, each unique in its own right. The Corvette has always been the result of a unique blend of heritage, power and preciseness. This is probably why the mad Texan scientists at Hennessey Performance love to have their way with them. Hennessey Performance Engineering has a heritage as unique as the Corvettes with a broad range of products and packages for a broad range of vehicles, but GM products have made up the backbone of Hennesseys lineup for quite some time. HPE has been making Cadillacs, GMCs and Chevrolets more smile inducing for quite some time and their HPE Corvette packages are some of their most popular. Hennessey offers HPE500-HPE1000 packages for the C7 Stingray base and Grand Sport with a variety of naturally aspirated and supercharged setups. These various packages incorporate everything from superchargers and intercoolers to full exhausts, lightweight wheels, and advanced tuning to offer customers the exact amount of power they want however they would like that power to be delivered. With such a wide range of packages available from HPE a customer can build their ultimate Corvette, even if that Corvette isnt available from the factory. Naturally, this begs the ultimate question- which is better? A factory optioned C7 or a C7 modified by Hennessey? A private owner was kind enough to grant access to his personal 2014 C7 Stingray equipped with Hennesseys HPE650 package; specifically, the supercharged HPE650 package. Thats right, Hennessey Performance offers two separate HPE650 packages; a naturally aspirated stroker kit and a hair raising supercharged option. The fact that two 650 horsepower options are available for the C7 Stingray seems to suggest that 650bhp really is the perfect power figure for the C7 Stingray. The supercharged HPE650 package features Hennesseys high-flow intercooled supercharger pushing a reasonable 6psi of boost atop a 6.2-liter LT1 V8, all installation and tuning/calibration including chassis dyno testing required, carbon fiber aero-trim pieces, officially Hennessey Supercharged emblems and badges including unit production number (this particular car is unit product number 001!), and all fluids, gaskets, and road testing a package like the HPE650 mandates. Custom light-weight wheels, floor mats, and other aesthetic touches are also available. All of these power gains wouldnt be complete without a little bit of Texas hospitality, so all Hennessey parts and labor are covered under Hennesseys 3 year/36,000 mile limited warranty. The end result is an otherwise stock C7 Stingray with approximately 653bhp and 642lb/ft of torque (this test car was slightly higher at 662bhp and 654lb/ft). These power figures may seem eerily familiar to those who know the GM lineup and thats because the HPE 650 package produces almost identical figures on a dyno to the C7 Z06 which was made available in 2015 (almost a full year after HPE started producing performance packages for the C7). The 2015 Z06 produced an even 650bhp and 650lb/ft of torque from its supercharged LT4 motor when it hit showrooms floors. Several transmission options are available for both cars including a 6-speed automatic for the base C7 (and consequently for the HPE650 C7 as well) and an 8-speed automatic for the Z06, however they shared the then brand-new 7-speed manual gear box. The Z06 boasted a more sophisticated suspension and braking system as well as more advanced oil, transmission and water cooling. The Z06 also featured something else, though; heat soaking issues during intense driving conditions. These overheating problems were primarily attributed to overstressing of the Z06s smaller 1.7-liter supercharger as well as some inefficiencies with the original intercooler. To be clear, GM has since implemented fixes for these issues in the form of more open-flowing intercooling and better airflow venting through the engine bay. In comparison Hennesseys larger supercharger and intercooler system never showed signs of overheating, or any increase in temperature for that matter. As far as speed goes, the Z06 has recorded a 0-60 time of 3.0 seconds flat while the Hennessey equipped car takes 3.4 seconds. That being said the top speed of both cars are nearly identical at an estimated 205mph for the Z06 and 197mph for the Hennessey. The HPE650 and Z06 have almost equivalent power, nearly identical speeds and can both vaporize a set of tires while putting a grin on the drivers face. So how do potential customers choose between the two GM supercars? For many, the answer may be as simple as budget. Neither the HPE650 nor the Z06 are inexpensive vehicles, but there is a significant gap in the barriers of entry to these nearly indiscernible road monsters. Currently, the base price of a new C7 Z06 comes in at $78,995.00. When customers start adding creature comforts and tantalizing performance options, that price tag can creep northwards of $100,000.00 pretty quickly. This is where the HPE650 package really starts to look good. The drivetrain package itself starts at $15,950.00. As previously mentioned, wheels and other aesthetic options are extra but if power is what a customer wants it can be theirs for less than $16,000.00. All the driver has to supply is one 2014-2017 C7 Stingray On paper the Z06 is a little bit quicker, has a slightly higher top speed and is slightly more adept for track use. One thing a stock Z06 cant deliver to the driver, though, is the undeniably special feeling an enthusiast gets when driving a vehicle modified by Hennessey Performance. The stock Z06 is the international dentists daily commute car; it tells the world that the driver wants to give the appearance of...for more information please contact the seller.

Vehicle Details

  • Listing ID:CC-1016006
  • Price:$59,999
  • Location:Clifton Park, New York
  • Year:2016
  • Make:Chevrolet
  • Model:Corvette
  • Exterior Color:Red
  • Interior Color:Black
  • Odometer:4098
  • Stock Number:V-3434-newdata-20180426
  • VIN:1G1YJ2D71G5113786