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Aumann Auctions, Inc.  -  American Muscle

Aumann Auctions is excited to bring these rare muscle machines to the public for sale. These beauties from the golden age of muscle cars have been very well cared for and meticulously maintained. Information and documentation are available on all of them. If you want a car that makes the hair on your neck stand up, a car that rumbles like a heartbeat, turns heads, throws a straight-line smokeshow, this is your chance. Imagine the never ending thumbs ups, the awesome "my friend had one of these in high school" stories, the "I can't believe you have this" comments. But really you want to enjoy, preserve, and admire these pieces of art. Its your turn to own the car of YOUR dreams. That is exactly what Aumann Auctions is offering. These cars will sell to the highest bid.

American Muscle  -  Online Only Auction: 
 August 30, 2017