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For Sale: 1929 Ford Roadster
in Ft Worth, Texas

Classic cars for sale coast to coast This vehicle is listed by
Streetside Classics - Dallas/Ft. Worth
Streetside Classics - Dallas/Ft. Worth
5400 Sandshell Drive
Ft Worth, TX 76137
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With the sudden popularity of old-school rods from the golden age of rodding, why not own an actual old-school rod instead of building a facsimile? This 1929 Ford roadster dates from the mid-60s and has just come off of a major restoration that returned it to as-built condition for a genuine taste of what it was like to go fast without a catalog full of parts. Its a steel body, not fiberglass, and it combines a 1929 Ford roadster body with a 32 Ford grille shell to create an iconic look. Well, the body isnt very stock, its been channeled and sectioned to look low, and theres a very cool custom windshield with stanchions that give it a unique look. The bright red paint contrasts with a black deck and cowl, which helps it look even lower than it is, and quite honestly, the finish quality is probably light-years ahead of what it wore when it was first built. Clever details include filled fender wells, some shaved hardware, and 1950 Pontiac taillights built into the rear panel, which was a popular look then and even more so today. A black insert in the radiator shell ties it all together quite neatly and if youre a fan of exposed hardware and minimalist bodywork, this car delivers in a big way. Chrome King Bee-style headlights are about the only flashy parts on the entire car, and they work with the old-school look. You can see 1965 sensibilities inside, where button-tufted leather seats and side panels were all the rage. Perhaps most remarkably, everything inside the car save for the carpets is original, a testament to the care the car has received over the past five decades, never mind the high-quality workmanship that some upholstery shop delivered. I dont know where those pedestal-style buckets came from, but I like them, and with a wrap-around belt rail, the line between inside and outside the car is very blurry. Doors? We dont need no stinkin doors, not when your car is this low and there is no roof; just jump in and go! A real wood dashboard is full of vintage Stewart-Warner gauges that give a full picture of the engines health, and the only really modern piece is the leather-wrapped steering wheel, which uses a yellow marker at the top just like vintage race cars. Theres also a small trunk out back, but most of it is filled with a new fuel cell and the remote-mounted battery. For power, this one uses a vintage 1965 Buick Nailhead. Displacing 425 cubic inches, this torque factory flings the featherweight roadster around like it was made of paper, and youd better be sure youre pointed in the right direction when you crack the throttle. All eight barrels open up and the car lunges forward at any speed. The Nailhead is one of the cooler-looking engines, especially with those finned valve covers and its certainly distinctive. Chrome headers dump into side pipes that sound outrageous on the go and the transmission is a genuine 4-speed manual feeding 4.11 gears in the Ford rear end. The ladder suspension and frame are basic, but thats this cars entire M.O., and thanks to the recent restoration, its nicely detailed and ready to rock. Staggered whitewall tires on painted steelies complete the awesome retro look. History matters in the rodding community, and this car has loads of it. Nothings more authentic than a car thats already been there, done that, so if youre tired of all the catalog cars out there, this is the antidote. Call today! This vehicle is located in our Dallas/Fort Worth showroom. For more information, please call (817) 764-8000 or toll free (855) 877-2707.

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