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For Sale: 1970 Plymouth Road Runner
in North Canton, Ohio

Classic cars for sale coast to coast This vehicle is listed by
Auto Connection, Inc.
Auto Connection, Inc. Inc.
5202 Limerick Ave., NW
North Canton, OH 44720
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BEEP-BEEP! This is a Vance Cummins ( rotisserie restoration done in 1988 and 89' per sellers records. Upon inspection, you would guess this restoration is only a few years old. She was featured in Muscle Car Magazine as well as registered in Galens Registry. Current owner has had the car since 2007 and is aware of no accidents. New Flowmaster mufflers and pipes were installed as well as in 2013, new front and rear brake shoes were installed along with any needed cylinders. The title reads “actual” mileage and two build sheets are included (unusual but two were actually found). Owner uses only fuel at Octane 91 or above, and uses oil with a zinc additive. Enjoyed a little over 4000 miles in 7 years.

Full rotisserie restoration by Vance Cummins. She is nearly flawless! Registered in Galens Registry. Its appears to have original transmission and engine. Featured in Muscle Car Magazine.


* During the restoration the car received a complete repaint that is very professionally done to the highest of standards.
* Paint is extremely smooth and shiny, and matches all the way around.
* Years later the paint looks flawless, the only nick that was located has been lightly touched up at the front edge of the left fender.
* You wont find any imperfections unless you put car under bright florescent light. Than you can detect a few fine scratches, and a few little pin head size imperfections in the hood at the top. (standing at just the right angle)
* If you where to have this car painted today you could only hope it would come out as good as this car still looks.


* Body is nice and straight, and probably equal to or better than when the car was produced new.
* Same is true of the fits on the doors, hood, and trunk.
* Only exceptions being that the back edge of the trunk is up a little bit, and could be caused by weather stripping. (could be adjusted down)
* The hood is ever so slightly tighter on the left side than the right, but probably with in what it was new.
* Bottom edge of the drivers door lower rear corner is out a touch, as well as the door maybe just a touch lower at the striker.
* Current owner has no accident history.


* Going over the car just in random places we detected that metal is indicated in all spots with paint depth that is fairly consistent with a restoration.
* Approximately 10 to 15 mils of paint on most areas.
* Magnet readings also indicate that there was most likely some slight rust repair in front and behind the rear tires, and possibly some in the wheel well area. You could not tell looking at it, as it was beautifully done, and this was very common and typical in these cars.
* We did not notice obvious repair readings at the doors and front fenders.


* All of the bright work surrounding the windows appears to be very well secured, free of damage, expertly polished and shows very little wear at all.
* The outside mirror, door handles, hubcaps, and front and rears bumpers are almost flawless like that of a car only a couple years old.
* The grill also looks very fresh and restored, the only exception being just below the headlight there is a bubbling in the finish, and the outside trim above the headlights has a little pitting and wear. (Being extremely critical)


* All of the glass except for the drivers window and the windshield all show as being PPG glass that contains the 5 star emblem.
* The drivers window also shows PPG, but appears to be of a more current built.
* All of the glass is nice and clear, doesn’t show any discoloring or delamination. Glass has no bull eyes, cracks, or any wiper marks.
* Being extremely critical most side glass and rear each might have a couple of small fine scratches. (most not noticeable)


* Interior shows very little wear since the restoration project.
* The sun visors work well and have a good solid backing inside of them, and material is good.
* The headliner has all been pulled tight and has good solid seams without any tears.
* Being extremely critical, there is a little bubbling on the material at the left and right rear corners where the material is glued to a backing of some type. (see pictures)
* Door panels, dash, gauges look about as crisp and almost as new as you could imagine. (Current owner had gauges refurbished)
* Carpet has lots of life left, and the blue has retained its coloring well.
* Steering wheel does not show any cracks, and in general all the controls and switches show hardly any wear at all.
* Looking at pictures up close will be your best indication.


* obvious when you open truck how professionally done this restoration was.
* Finish is beautifully done on the back side of the trunk lid, and contains very original looking stickers.
* A splatter paint on the sides and highly polished wheel wells.
* Weather strip the locks, jack, and wrench assembly all carefully mounted like it were a new car.
*Matting was custom fit.
* Wires and each nut and bolts have been carefully gone over, this is another way to tell a quality well done restoration and attention to detail.


* BF Goodrich Silvertown radials (front) P225 /70/15 red line radial tires
* Rear tires are P235
* When you look at them you will notice the little tips from the molds are still on the tires.
* You wont see any cracking or curb damage.
* Finish on all the caps is in great condition as well as the painted area of the rims.
* There are a couple tiny spots that could use touched up, other than that tires seem flawless.

Left front 225/70/15 9-10/32 tread Right front 225/70/15 9-10/32

Left rear 235/70/15 9-10/32tread Right rear 235/70/15 9-10/32


* The attention to detail is striking and this is what sets the tops cars apart from many others.
* If you look at the pictures and review the clamps of the installation of the insulation and the latches the wiring, brackets, stickers, and clamps that are used. It goes on and on showing the quality of this restoration in the engine compartment.
* I don’t see anything that looks altered from the original build.


* Look close at all the photos we took on the rack and you can see the attention to detail that was done on this car during restoration.
* The current owner has installed Flowmaster mufflers in 2013.
* You can see how the paint and coatings have held up on the bottom side of this car.
* You will notice a little mark from a brake fluid drip that the owner is having repaired.


* High and

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North Canton, OH
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RM21NOG115484 RM21NOG115484 RM21NOG115484 RM21NOG115484

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Fully Restored

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Very Good

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Fully Restored

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Very Good

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Rear-wheel drive

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