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For Sale: 1969 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class
in Nottingham, United Kingdom

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The W 113 280 SL Roadster was in production from 1967 until 1971. The last model year, 1971, lasted for only 8 months from July 1970 to March 1971 to make way for the W107 series of cars. From 01 January to March 1971 (Calendar Year 1971) eight hundred thirty 280 SL's were made but during the 1971 Model Year (July 1970 to March 1971) about 4,500 1971 Model 280 SL's were made. This ended production of the 113 SL's. The car we currently own is a 1969 280 SL. It was the 7,007th 280SL produced of a total of nearly 24,000. It left the factory in December 1968 going to a Mercedes dealer in Italy. Silly note for fans of James Bond: the VIN number of our car ends with "007-007", (dash added) that's two double-oh-sevens. The 280 SL has a 2778cc inline 6 cylinder engine (and if you read above carefully, you know why the model number is "280".) The engine has a mechanical Bosch fuel injection system, a single overhead camshaft, and a cast alloy valve cover. A nice safety feature: if the brake fluid gets too low, a red light shows on the dashboard. To save weight, the moveable parts of the exterior: the doors, trunk lid (boot) and hood (bonnet), are all aluminum alloy. 280SL TOPS: Hardtop, Soft Top, No Top The 280 SL was flexible in its choice of tops: a soft top, a removable hardtop, or both. A car could be ordered with only the removable hardtop and no soft top. If you guessed wrong about the weather and took a drive without the hardtop, you had no protection from the rain. This option was unofficially called the "Californian". 113 cars were not available with a permanently attached hardtop. We note that in the UK, the soft convertible top is called the "hood". What we call the "hood" in the US is called the "bonnet" in the UK. This gets a little confusing when a US native reads a UK repair manual that says "remove the hood", oops. It would be nice if we spoke the same language

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57,500 GBP
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United Kingdom
City, State
NG16 2WP
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