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For Sale: 1963 Ford Econoline
in Santa Cruz, California

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Are you ready for your classic van experience? Look no further, this one is really great!

Lots of work done in the last 4 years to keep this van running while it has been my daily driver. It starts right up, runs strong, has good compression, good brakes, tires, transmission, no problems! Very little rust and fairly clean, the worst of it is shown in the pictures.

This is the Falcon model van with the windows all around but the rear seats are gone. Straight-6 174ci engine, 3-on-the-tree transmission. The engine was replaced with a rebuilt one before I bought it, but no record of odometer so I don't know how many miles are on the engine. I had the cylinder heads re-machined because unleaded gas was damaging them, so now they are good to go.

I have all the receipts for $14K in repairs and maintenence, all work done in Santa Cruz area. So it's a pretty sweet deal! If you have a newer van I'll consider a trade.

Other details:
Rear door only locks from inside, there are some leaks around some of the doors in the rain, steering wheel has a squeak sometimes when you turn it.. but pretty sweet for a 50-year old vehicle!

History of Work Done to Van:
09/01/2011______66,430_____Radiator Flush/Fill
09/05/2011______66,681_____Oil Change & . . .
09/10/2011______66,859_____New Tires
09/13/2011______66,889_____U-joints installed
10/12/2011______67,865_____Compression checked, Drag-Link installed
11/08/2011______68,537_____Fuel Tank installed, Brake adjustment
11/28/2011______68,537_____Fuel Sender installed
01/27/2012______69,879_____Suspension Check
02/03/2012______69,621_____Flush Coolant, Rebuild Heater Core
04/10/2012______?__________R & R Cylinder Heads
04/19/2012______70,263_____Replace L Motor Mount, Front Outer Tie Rod End, Two Wheel Alignment
06/25/2012______71,452_____Replace Front Leaf Springs
06/26/2012______?__________Pull L Front Frame Rail @ Spring Shackle
08/13/2012______72,002_____Rotation & Balance
08/28/2012______72,213_____Replace Carb
10/04/2012______?__________Check Choke, Lube Suspension
10/09/2012______?__________Oil Light Switch purchase & install
10/22/2012______73,092_____Radiator fix, new Therm., new Water Pump
10/26/2012______73,175_____Oil Change
11/02/2012______73,316_____New Fuel Filter
11/21/2012______73,609_____Replace Fuel Pump
03/22/2013______76,405_____Oil Change, Rotate Tires, Tighten Exhaust Flange
05/07/2013______76,911_____Replace Rear Brake Drums & Shoes; Right Front Brake Drum, Flex Hose, & Wheel Bearings
05/13/2013______76,950_____Replace Brake Fuse
06/04/2013______77,120_____12V Alternator Conversion
08/29/2013______80,700_____Oil Change
09/12/2013______80,795_____Replace Rear Axle Bearings, Seals, Wheel Cylinders
12/19/2013______82,405_____Replace Starter
01/15/2014______82,895_____Rebuild Carburetor, Tune-Up, Rebuild Turn Signal Switch
02/26/2014______83,439_____Valve Cover Gasket Repair, Oil Change, Electrical Fuel Pump Install
3/10/2014_______84,594_____Install Alternator
6/11/2014_______86,780_____Oil Change
9/23/2014_______90,846_____Remove & Reseal Engine Oil Pan, Remove & Replace Rear Pinion Seal, Remove & Replace both rear U-joints, Change Rear Differential Fluid, Fuel Filter & Hose Replacement
01/02/15________95,000_____Oil Change, New Master Cylinder, Fix Hydraulic Hose, Replace Trans. Fluid w/ Synthetic
02/10/15________96,000_____Replace carburetor
06/18/15________97,500_____Rebuild front brake hoses
06/26/15________97,700_____Replace alternator
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United States
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Santa Cruz, CA
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Partially Restored

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Partially Restored

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Inline 6

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Rear-wheel drive

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