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For Sale: 1967 Plymouth Belvedere
in Charlotte, North Carolina

Classic cars for sale coast to coast This vehicle is listed by
RK Motors Charlotte
RK Motors Charlotte
5527 Lakeview Road
Charlotte, NC 28269
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Ever have one of those moments when you find a spectacular classic that seems too good to be true? The coolest of the cool thats survived almost 50 years of vehicle downsizing trends, fuel thirsty gearheads and stoplight fisticuffs? Well, you dont have to worry about getting pinched back to reality this time because this killer 1967 Plymouth Belvedere GTX is a REAL DEAL California, black on black muscle car thats every bit as sinister as it is rare! Not only is this drop-top a fully restored show queen thats had a thorough shakedown by the experts at RKM Performance Center, it also wears all original sheet metal, features an original 440-lead drivetrain and has impeccable documentation. If youre looking for a bad to the bone investment thats fun to look at, a blast to drive and ready to hit the show circuit as soon as it rolls out of our showroom; congratulations, youve found your next car!

It seems only fitting that a super clean, and equally fierce, Mopar muscle car like this pristine triple black Belvedere GTX would begin its life in the golden California sun. However, after a few short years tracing the Pacific coast, the car eventually migrated to the hot sands of Nevada where it would settle down and spend the bulk of its 45 year life. Fast forward to the late 20th century and the solid but weathered rag-top was purchased by an Illinois man who bought a bunch of new parts and established a good foundation for a return to showroom glory. And step into the early 21st century when the car benefitted from a complete frame-off restoration at the hands of the skilled technicians at our own RKM Performance Center. Now, in case you dont know, RKM Performance Center is probably the BEST place a car like this could end up. Thats because RKMPCs world-class restoration team has performed two of the hobbys most exhaustive and historically accurate ground up concours restorations on two exceptionally rare 1967 GTX HEMI cars. Our WW1 White hardtop!/ took first place in the Restored Muscle Class at the August 2009 Glenmoor Gathering, and was subsequently featured in the November 2009 edition of Hemmings Muscle Machines. And our BB1 Black 4-speed banner car!/ won Best Restored Muscle at the 2012 World of Wheels show in Boston, Massachusetts. So, when I tell you this fully sorted drop-top is 100% clean and ready to show tomorrow, its probably the understatement of the year!

According to the Galen Govier report included with its sale, this freshly restored Plymouth rolled off Chryslers St. Louis, Missouri assembly line in the following configuration:

VIN: RS27L77216464

RS - Plymouth Belvedere GTX

27 - Convertible

L - 440 cubic inch, 4-barrel Super Commando V8 that produces 375 horsepower

7 1967 model year

7 Assembled at Chryslers St. Louis, Missouri manufacturing facility

216464 Assembly plant sequence number


RS - Plymouth GTX

27 - Convertible

83 440 cubic inch, 4-barrel Super Commando V8 that produces 375 horsepower

5 Torqueflite automatic transmission

48 - 7.75x14 Goodyear Red Streak tires

5 - Five tires (includes the spare)

516 - Scheduled for production on Tuesday May 16th, 1967

02048 - Plymouth shipping order number

A4 - 8.75 inch Sure Grip rear end with 3.23 gears

X8 - Sure Grip axle

TP - Premium trim grade

R6 - Vinyl front bucket front seats

MX - Black interior

PB Black roof paint

NB - Black body paint

T1 - Mono-tone paint style

UB - Black upper door frames

B - No buffed paint

S - No accent stripes

ABC Options:

A1 - Heavy duty 26 inch radiator

D9 - Front disc brakes (Power brakes required)

F5 - GTX package

R1 - AM radio

Y1 - Black convertible top

abc Options:

a6 - Console

b4 - Bucket seats

g0 - Body belt mouldings

j4 - Body sill mouldings

u1 - Sold car order

When youre restoring a classic of this caliber to the level you see here, you have to start with a clean, unmolested body so you retain as much authentic factory fresh feel as possible. Accordingly, this GTXs complete frame-off restoration began with its previous owner addressing a few minor rust issues and sanding its 100% original panels to an even, exceptional surface. Once the stage was set for paint, a thick coat of primer was sprayed on, allowed days to cure, and worked free of any defects that might prevent a better-than-showroom finish. And when that primer was completely smooth, an impressive coat of correct Chrysler code B Black urethane was carefully sealed in a tough and glossy clearcoat shell. The result is one stunning, arrow-straight showpiece that has no gremlins, suffers no thin spots and displays a level of fit and finish that is worlds above a factory assembled car.

Taking a lesson in style and brand awareness from the likes of Ford, Chevrolet and Pontiac, Plymouth outfitted their mighty GTX with a number of hot styling cues that serve to better differentiate the car from its more plebian Belvedere siblings. At the front of its long black body, a stainless Satellite grille hangs a traditional red, white and blue centerpiece between a snazzy 440 hood ornament, a wide-set Plymouth script, four bright halogen headlights and a pristine, show-chromed bumper. Behind that 440 ornament, GTX-exclusive hood scoops lead the eye to a combination of new and original glass thats framed by restored stainless trim, cleared by 3-speed windshield wipers and capped by a new vinyl top. At the sides of those hood scoops, dent-free rocker trim combines with like-new wheel well trim to anchor traditional chrome door handles and a spotless rearview mirror between new BELVEDERE GTX emblems and an attractive pit stop fuel filler. And at the back of the cars body, PLYMOUTH branded pot metal trunk trim aligns perfectly between clear factory taillights, a second show-chromed bumper and 1967-exclusive stainless exhaust tips.

Under the hood of this official looking Mopar youll find the original 440 cubic inch Super Commando V8 which creates 375 horsepower, produces 480 lb./ft. of torque and wears a familiar 2536430 casting number behind a 440 block (440) assembled on April (4) 13th (13) of 1967 (C ) assembly stamp. More popular than Chryslers famed HEMI, and almost as feared, the Super Commando V8 was designed to be Plymouths best combination of comfort, streetability and big block performance. At the top of this professionally rebuilt RB, a correct 4-barrel carburetor breathes through an original dual snorkel air cleaner thats branded with fresh, reproduction decals. Below that carburetor, a spotless Turquoise block wears original, re-chromed valve covers and original, jet-hot coated exhaust manifolds. In front of those manifolds, reproduction belts spin a correct 37 amp alternator above a correct fan and a fully rebuilt factory power steering pump. The big engines fires are lit by reproduction Chrysler Electronic Suppression wires, a reproduction coil and a familiar points distributor ...For more information please call the seller.

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