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For Sale: 1933 Rolls-Royce 20/25
in Altoona, California

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Four door saloon in aluminum by WINDOVER of London. Side mounted spare, wire wheels with spun aluminum disc covers. Finished in Dove Gray with dark blue fenders.
Number GWX 1. The first of the “X” series chassis. Power assisted braking, one-shot lubrication system. There are controllable shock dampers to provide a comfortable ride at all speeds.
Number F3H. Six cylinder 3669 cc. “Straight Six”. Single carburetor. The cylinder head is not cracked. Four speed gear box with synchromesh on 2nd, 3rd, and top.
Starter and Dynamo were rebuilt professionally in 1979 to maker’s original specification in England. The headlights were altered to a modern ‘dipping system’. This is internal and cannot be seen from the outside. The original electro-magnetic equipment was left in-situ should you wish to reactivate it. This work was also done in 1979. The starter motor needs to be rebuilt. The battery may need replacing.
The radiator was re-cored in 1979 by Marston Radiators of Leeds who specialize in Veteran and Vintage work. The vehicle operates at the maker’s standard temperature and pressures under all conditions of use. There is a thermostat which operates the radiator shutters. When the vehicle is cold, the shutters close completely then the shutters slowly open when the engine reaches operating temperature.

The tires are all good including the spare. They are DUNLOP PORT as originally specified by ROLLS-ROYCE. The original ‘SPIRIT of ECSTACY’ mascot is with the vehicle and there is a keeper cap for use when the vehicle is left unattended. The original 20/25 Owners Handbook is included together with most of the log books and tools.
All the instruments are in working order and are, as far as I am aware, original. The advance and retard levers are on the steering wheel boss.
The body work is in good condition. The running boards require removal and the hardwood supports attaching them to the chassis need replacement. One, maybe both, of the side windows need the lifting mechanism repaired or serviced.
Internally the car is a bit scruffy though it is kept clean. It was used for about 100 weddings over the past years. There are separate reading lights for each passenger in the rear seats, nickel platted ash trays and a ladies vanity mirror. The seats are very comfortable though you might consider redoing the upholstery.
While in the UK the vehicle was used regularly on the Rallies organized by the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club and while in the states it was used for many weddings to transport the bride and groom.
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Altoona, CA
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Dove Gray

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Inline 6

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