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For Sale: 1968 Mercury Coupe
in North Canton, Ohio

Classic cars for sale coast to coast This vehicle is listed by
Auto Connection, Inc.
Auto Connection, Inc. Inc.
5202 Limerick Ave., NW
North Canton, OH 44720
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Car was bought at a high line sale in Illinois approximately 3-4 years ago. Owner had not planned to purchase car until he saw how striking it looked, and the condition it was in. Car has a new intake, and 4 bbl carburetor.


Beautiful finish
Extremely shiny with a mirror like finish
Professionally done with a show quality repaint
Small nick on the drivers side rocker
Small nick behind passenger door handle
Unsure the age of the paint, but it matches beautifully all the way around.


Body is extremely straight and very correct
Gaps and fits are very uniform(only exception being the right rear corner of the hood could be adjusted down just a bit)


Paint depth is fairly uniform
Top surfaces appears slightly thicker, which is very common
Appears there may have been some minor repairs on the bottom of the front fenders, and possibly around the wheel well lips
Appears to not have any obvious areas that show not to be metal.

Bright work-

The emblems, door handles, front and rear bumpers, all look like new or extremely well preserved chrome.
Stainless that surrounds the window areas all seems to be intact and secured. A few dimples on the top side piece above the windshield, and a slight dimple on the rear window, molding. (see pictures)
The side windows are surrounded by stainless that is very shiny and well polished.
Only exception being the typical vent windows, vent window frames, rear window frames, antenna base, left front, right rear marker light, and the lower piece below the rear window do have some pitting to the chrome. (see pictures)


All the glass/windows with the exception of the windshield have the Car Lite logo.
Windshield has no noticeable indication of the make.
The glass all appears to be very clear showing very little wear.
No discoloring or delimitation of the glass, no bulls eyes, cracks, or wiper marks.


Interior lights make the carpet appear to be faded and discolored in the photos. This is not the case, the carpet still has a very nice color even thought it is not new.
Material on the seats appears to be a very soft synthetic or vinyl type material. It does show some natural wear in the photos.
The interior appears as it originally looked and designed, with the exception of a steering wheel cover.
The coloring looks great on the door panels, as well as the interior components, and doesn’t show an extreme amount of weathering or sun damage.
The visors are all good and solid, with good stitching. The backing is solid, with a little pitting on the chrome mounts.
The headline material is all fastened well and has good shape without any stitching that is noticeably pulled apart. Headliner does have a one and half inch tear above the right rear interior courtesy light. (see pictures)
The rear seats show almost no wear. Some normal wear on driver side and passenger side. (see photos)
Dash controls, gauges, ext. show very little wear and look very presentable. There is a bit of wear on the door release handles from normal use. Over all the interior is in great shape, including interior bright work!


Car has a spare tire with floor mat and tire cover that matches.
Notice the attention to detail on how shiny the paint is on bottom side of the trunk, as well as the exterior.
We pulled back the covering, and noticed how solid the floors of the trunk and car still remains.

Tires and Wheels-

All four tires are BF Goodrich Radial T/A, the tire sizes are all P215-65R15 mounted on Cragar wheels.
Tires and wheels show no curb damage of any type and have no outside wall cracking.
All four wheels appear to be flawless and almost new.
Tires all have a remaining 9 to 10 32nds of tread left.

Engine and Transmission-

Looking at the engine compartment it appears upon inspection much as I would have expected, it did when car was built. With the exception of the replacement battery and shock absorbers, I did not see any noticeable modifications or changes.


Bottom side looks good and solid.
There is no rust perforation in the bottom pan, or in any of the supports. With the exception of a small spot of perforation behind the left and right front tire and possibly the inner quarters behind the rear tires, which may have had some work at one time.
Looking at the bottom side it is very obvious car has had little exposure, you can see a new starter that was recently installed.
The transmission and engine do not show any dripping, just normal light seeping. (see pictures) Looking at the rear part of the car you will see new shock absorbers and complete dual exhaust all the way to the rear. The rear end also has a light oil seeping, but no obvious problems.


Head light covers open and close fully
Low and high beams work
All four side lamps work
Front fender side lamps are working
Tail lights work
Back up lights work
Brake lights (couldn’t do was alone)
Left and right side blinkers work front and rear
(including the sequential tail lights as well)
Heating works (A/C May need charged)
Defrost works
Cool to hot lever works
Fan works in all three speeds
A/C compressor is cycling (air may need recharged)
Left side remote is operating however the head of the mirror attached to the stem is loose and need tightened.
Amp gauge does not change and stays on zero (must not be working)
Gas gauge does move and shows 3/4 full
Odometer is not working
Temperature gauge is working and runs half way between cool and hot
AM/FM radio is working
Lamp lights are working
Horn works
Parking brake works and holds car
Left and right mat light work
Courtesy lights in the back go on upon opening doors or by switch on dash
Panel lights go on upon opening the doors or by switch on dash
Oil gauge runs 45 to 50 lbs when engine is warm
Clock can be set but is not operating
The keys work drivers door and trunk, not passenger side
The hood and trunk open and close smoothly
Wiper switch on dash works in high and low speed
Floor operated washer does operate but no fluid flowing
All four crank windows go up and down smoothly
Vent windows open close and lock correctly
Both inside door releases work
Drivers ash tray opens and closes and cigarette lighter does work
Owners manual
Remote drivers mirror
XR7 Package
Console shift

Test Drive-
Engine starts, runs smoothly, works properly, and transmission is working properly.
Car steers as you would expect, and upon braking there is no pulling or pulsation.
At lower speeds the car doesn’t seem to have as much power steering assist, but not sure if there is an issue or not. On a 60 degree day I ran the air for about 20 min and the temp gauge only moved up 10 percent, so I don’t see any type of cooling issues.

The results of our research. Buyers are required to do there own due diligence and confirm this information below.

Door- Vin- 8= year F- Dearborn Michigan 93-XR7-HT F-302 2V- Single exhaust
Door Tag 1- Limefrost 6G Dk Ivory Gold
18 D- Date 34- DSO- Detroit 5- 3.00 Non lock axle

Buyers please call CHAD GUMPP
330-353-1750 (Cell/Voice Mail)


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North Canton, OH
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Dark Green

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Partially Restored

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302 C.I.

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Front-wheel drive

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