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For Sale: 1991 Dodge Stealth
in Charlotte, North Carolina

Classic cars for sale coast to coast This vehicle is listed by
RK Motors Charlotte
RK Motors Charlotte
5527 Lakeview Road
Charlotte, NC 28269
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In the early 90s, a new generation of car enthusiasts latched on to spectacular, technology-laden sports cars from the Big Five Japanese automakers. The Dodge Stealth, a captive import from Mitsubishi, was one such offering. Because these global featherweights made no qualms about catering to enthusiasts, most have been thoroughly modified and whipped hard by three or four different owners. And, as any JDM diehard will tell you, finding a Stealth that hasnt seen more than its fair share of track days is becoming increasingly difficult. Well, until now... This 32,002 mile Stealth R/T Twin Turbo is an exceptional example of just that. Pampered and paraded its entire life, this Dodge is an impressive time capsule thatll transport you back to the days when stellar performance outshined raw horsepower!

In 1990, Mitsubishis Nagoya-built GTO stormed Americas re-invigorated sports car market. And by 1991, when the Dodge Stealth bowed, virtually every new-age gearhead knew three essential truths. 1) If you wanted to look cool, you bought an ES. 2) If you wanted to look cool and go fast, you bought an R/T. 3) If you wanted to look cool, go fast and kick asphalt, you bought an R/T Twin Turbo! Averaging less than 1,500 miles per year, this Far East Mopar has rarely seen anything other than sunshine and warm summer days. A quick check of the cars undercarriage and suspension reveals no evidence of rust or abuse. A quick check of its profile presents a body that appears to have never been repaired. And a quick check of our pictures confirms its Firestorm Red paint, which happens to be one of only 1,048 coats issued for 1991 twin turbos, is both glossy and bright. Thats right, even 22 years after it rolled out of the showroom this spry sports coupe is still turning heads!

With its low nose, muscular haunches and wide stance, the Stealth is a model of early-90s cool. At the front of the car, an aggressive air dam hangs halogen fog lights beneath a stamped DODGE script and glossy, pop-up headlamps. Above those headlamps, a large, flat hood leads the eye past fade-free shock caps to like-new glass thats flanked by aerodynamic C-pillars and branded with DOHC 24V ALL WHEEL DRIVE decals. Below those decals, ridged fenders flow into sculpted doors that hang body-matched mirrors and flush-fit handles above aggressive, TWIN TURBO branded rockers. Behind those rockers, a tall decklid spoiler floats between a thoughtful windshield wiper and standard electric antenna. And at the back of the car, clear tail lights combine with bright reverse lamps to reflect monochromatic DODGE STEALTH R/T scripts off of spotless stainless exhaust tips.

In the early 90s, factory performance wars finally started heating up again. But this time, instead of Chevy, Ford and Mopar duking it out, the battle involved Japans finest. Sure, the Viper made its debut, and the Corvette was still around, but those beasts were in a different league; and the price of admission to that league was steep. So, the Japanese automakers identified a niche for affordable sports cars, and the fight commenced. This Dodges Mitsubishi-designed, twin-turbo powertrain benefits from technology that was very advanced for its time. The core of that powertrain is a DOHC 24-valve 3.0-liter 6-cylinder which sports electronic fuel injection, aluminum heads, factory roller rockers and, of course, two turbochargers. Those turbos, intercooled via intakes incorporated into the front air dam, make the smooth mill good for 296 horsepower and 306 lb./ft. of torque. And, since all that horsepower and technological goodness could be had in a relatively light package for about half the price of Dodges V10 flagship, it was generally viewed as wise economics. Aesthetically, the engine compartment in this Stealth is 100% original and in pristine, factory condition. And, decked mostly in black, its a serious looking piece with just a hint of color here and there to add both texture and contrast.

Twin Turbo Stealths came standard with a 5-speed Getrag manual transmission feeding a full-time all-wheel drive system. That systems 45 front/55 rear power split gives the car catapult-like acceleration in any weather condition, while 4-wheel steering provides additional stability during high speed cornering. At low speeds, the cars electronics are completely transparent, almost entirely unnoticeable and almost exactly replicating normal two-wheel steering and normal front wheel drive. A dual-mode exhaust system opens the mufflers for more power at high engine speeds; giving the car an aggressive bark while maintaining a day-to-day rumble that wont wake the neighbors. The electronically controlled, variable-rate 4-wheel independent suspension does an excellent job tightening apexes or loosening tension. Stops come courtesy of 4-piston calipers, which squeeze 16-inch rotors up front and 15-inch rotors out back. Power is put to the pavement through 17-inch Chrysler alloys which spin 245/45 Kumho Ecstas around pentastar shaped center caps. And overall, this Stealth is sure-footed, feels surprisingly fast, and is an absolute blast to drive!

This coupes jet-inspired cockpit, which presents a striking contrast to its extroverted exterior, displays hardly any signs of wear. The 6-way power drivers seat keeps you as comfortable for quick jaunts as it does for long road trips; and the passenger and rear buckets dont appear to have been used for anything at all. In front of the driver, a dramatic black dash, which shows zero defects, is packed full of gauges and instruments that work exactly as they should. At the center of that dash, automated climate control hangs above a great sounding, factory stereo system. Between the aforementioned seats, a crack-free console props a black shifter on clean carpet thats protected by thick, color-keyed floor mats. At the sides of that carpet, factory door panels, which are typically faded and ballooned from heat, present as good as new. And when you open the cars hatch, youll find a clean cargo area thats showroom fresh in virtually every way.

The sale of this unique Dodge includes two service manuals.

Whenever we post low mileage Japanese sports cars, they sell almost immediately. A whole generation of buyers grew up with these curve carving coupes, and since theyre becoming increasingly scarce, the good ones get snapped up as quickly as they hit the market. If youre an enthusiast who likes to burn up the road, few cars deliver the performance and luxury of Dodges mighty Stealth R/T Twin Turbo. And with only 32,002 original miles, this Mopar will have you smiling every time you slide behind the wheel!

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