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For Sale: 1977 Lotus Esprit
in San Diego, California

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[SOLD: 9/19/2015] ~1977 Lotus ESPRIT-S1/DS Coupe, --enhanced via $50k in refinements which make this a highly desirable more civilized specimen of ColinChapman's supreme creation! For example, two photos show comparison between the special aerodynamic low-profile DOT-approved sealed-beam retractable-headlamps (-all four light-up the road on high-beam), vs. the 'stodgy looking' standard L.Esprit PopUp-headlamps typical of all other Esprit's; --this significant improvement was slated to be offered on later L.Esprit's (-but then the Esprit was untimely discontinued). The xlnt. body-finish is the original 'gell-coat yellow', and the interior is in showroom condition featuring the original mint Mohair-textile dash & doors, with Corinthian/brown-Leather seats & headliner; -and has been factory-modified to give ample head & leg room for a 6'3"-driver (5'10"-ht. is usual limit!); --plus the fast-acting elect./door-windows have been much improved to lower fully into the window-sill (-standard Esprit's force one to rest their arm uncomfortably upon 1.5"-remaining top-edge of glass!). A special dash-switch enables one to illuminate the 45*-slant 4cyl./2-Liter DOHC engine within the unique 'transparent' engine-cover; --whereby the driver can look back and view the engine even at night through the cockpit/aft-window while driving! The electrical-system has been up-graded from the notoriously fire-prone Lucas to a reliable USA/marine-quality system (-whereby all gauges/switches operate perfectly). The ignition-sys. includes a Perlux(no-points) and special 'HotWires' by specialist Ulf'Arnes! Another photo shows the stylish louvered aft-window, where just above is integrated a full-width LED/Brake-light, -positioned beneath the high-efficiency roof-wing. The Brake-system employs silicon-oil, and the engine has been protected by Mobil-1 (-and timing-belt was replaced only a 1,000-miles ago). Driving the car with it's 5-speed transaxle & inboard/disk-brakes, and it's special silky-smooth acting cork-backed Kevlar/clutch-facing, --is a wonderful experience; --although not rapid away from the light, -she commences to wake-up and come-on 'strong' as she winds spirit'edly above 3,000-rpm toward red-line! The uniquely rigid monocoque/tunnel-frame kept the weight down to only 2,180-lbs, -thus the manual/rack&pinion-steering is wonderfully precise, and her handling is an absolutely invigorating joy, being substantially more nimble than the half-ton heavier later versions. Owing its unusual qualities and diminishing survival-rate, and awareness of at least two other likewise clean/rust-free 1977-S1's which have sold at auction recently for $60K, --this unusual specimen is bargain-priced to sell to a sophistated collector at- $49.5K(-can arrange to 'ameliorate' the annual Registration/tax-burden.), and thus is intended for the connoisseur of cars such as- Porsche Jaguar Ferrari Lamborghini -etc., whom appreciate rare 'one-of-a-kind' motorcars. If seriously interested feel free to make inquiry (-sorry, i only speak english)...
Thanks, ~Bob vonHeck -you can reach me via->>> 858 / 277-8899

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United States
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San Diego, CA
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Sports Car


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Very Good

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Inline 4

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Rear-wheel drive

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