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For Sale: 1947 Cadillac Fleetwood 60
in North Canton, Ohio

PLEASE NOTE: This vehicle has been sold. However, there are more listings for 1947 Cadillac Fleetwood 60. See them all »
Classic cars for sale coast to coast This vehicle is listed by
Auto Connection, Inc.
Auto Connection, Inc. Inc.
5202 Limerick Ave., NW
North Canton, OH 44720

VIN - 6422878


This beautiful “Classic” has so much to offer! The Cadillac was purchased in 2005 by the father, and later in 2007 passed down to his sons. It held a special bond between them. They enjoyed working on the Cadillac together. When the father passed away, the boys decided the hobby was not the same without their father. Adding to it, they just didn’t have as much time these days to enjoy this beautiful car. The sons have a list of believed past owners compiled by their father (Along with a 1984 title copy). Included in their fathers extensive log book, is a comprehensive list of the detailed work done after his purchase. Previous to purchase, was a repaint in 1999, (base coat and clear coat). The top was then painted in 2007 to give it the factory optional two tone effect. Car recently received a new valve job, (new valves and springs), flush block, flush coolant system, and all three cores. Car also has new wheel cylinders, axle seals, all new brake lines, and brake shoes with over 80 percent left. Also a rebuilt wiper motor, fuel pump, carburetor, distributor, vacuum advance, five new tires and tubs! The sons have only driven it 198 miles since 2007.

Paint- Previous to purchase, a complete repaint was performed in 1999. Later the roof was painted to give it the two tone effect. Colors are actual 1947 Cadillac available color combinations. The repaint was very professionally done and is extremely smooth and shiny in all areas (See pictures). Most of the pictures where taken in the shade. When inspecting the car in the bright light, it matches well all the way around. It has been rubbed to a glass like finish, and has been inspected by Chad in very bright florescent lighting to bring out any flaws. There are a dozen or so pinhead sized imperfections (being extremely critical), on the right side of hood and a few on top painted areas. They can only be seen in the exact perfect angle under florescent light. There are a few small brush touched areas located above the rear bumper, below the trunk, spot on left rear quarter, and a few on the nose (see pictures).

Body- The car is as straight as you could possibly expect it to be, much like when it was brand new. It is in beautiful condition! Maybe a light almost unnoticeable dimple on the right rear door that can hardly been seen or photographed. Also one small flaw on the edge of the hood, just about a foot behind the antenna. (See photos) The fits of the hood, trunk, and doors are very uniform all the way around. All four doors open and close very well, with just the right amount of snap when you close them. They are beautifully set in position and open very nicely.

Magnet- When randomly going over the body and performing readings, I did not find any area that showed to not be steel (Including all fenders, doors, hood, and trunk). (Indicating no signs of non metallic areas).

Bright Work- This car has an extremely large amount of bright work! This is one of the reasons this car looks so fabulous and why this era is so popular. All bright work seems to be in place like it should be, and all appears to be secured properly. The family had explained that the filler tabs (in the back of the front doors) (that fills over the screws), and the bright work in the license plates lights are often missing or painted. In this case it is an example of why this car is very correct! The bright work that is surrounding or near all the windows looks like a car of only a year or two old. The bright work is free from small dents that you might often see. Being extremely critical, there is one small pin head size dent above the driver’s windshield, and a slight amount of pitting on the windshield wiper bases. The outside mirrors on either side show no wear. The door handles only show a slight amount of pitting, and wear on the rear handles upon close inspection. The chrome running under the Cadillac emblems on the side, (the lower third of the car), as well as the bumpers, (front and rear), and grill shine beautifully. Other than a little slight wear on the bumpers is it almost flawless and very striking. Inside of bumpers have been coated, which gives it a very nice looking detailed finish (From the bottom side, or looking out from an angle)

Glass- All side glass looks correct ( with the exceptions of the drivers side crank window being of a different manufacturer) The rear glass, and the front two windshield pieces are all marked as “high test safety LOF plate”. Glass seems nice and clear with out any apparent discoloring. The front windshield does have some light pin head size nicks from driving, as well as some light wiper scuffs on the driver window. The four cranking windows do have some light de-lamination, just at the top ¼ to ½ inch area, and the back edge of the rear cranking windows. When these windows are up it is hardly noticeable. All four cranking door windows have about the same amount of delimitation as the photos show up close.

Interior- The owners had indicated that it is believed the headliner, sun visors, and all seat materials, and door trims are original, to the best of their knowledge. The carpet is questionable, and they have no knowledge of its age. Review the pictures closely you will see that headliner is intact and all seems proper, and in great condition. The seats have a very minimal amount of wear, as do the door panels, and the back of the front seats. Sun visors all have good backing. Looking closely at the pictures of the dash board bright work, instrumentation, as well as the chrome on the surrounding window areas, you will notice very little wear and shows extremely well. Also notice that the steering wheel is in great condition. The simulated wood was reconditioned some years ago.

Trunk- The trunk appearance, with the spare tire cover, bottom side of trunk lid, and attention to detail is very striking. Upon looking at the pictures you will see the tire and wheel are painted and striped just as the other four wheels on the car. It is very detailed and includes tire changing tools. Upon lifting and disassembling the interior of the trunk, you will see a very original solid floor and original materials underneath the tire. Also note the cap and bolt that are part of the spare tire mounting.

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Vehicle Location

United States
City, State
North Canton, OH
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Vehicle Category/Style
Sedan (4 door)


Exterior Details

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Camden Green Metallic

Restoration History
Partially Restored

Condition of Exterior
Very Good

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Tan Bedford Broadcloth

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Partially Restored

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Rear-wheel drive

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