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For Sale: 1926 Indy Race Car
in Grays, United Kingdom

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Registration number BF5554 Chassis number 13528298 Engine Number 11505776 Probably not for the faint of heart. In 1923, 27-year old Alfred Moss,(already a dentist), arrived in Indianapolis, Indiana, ostensibly to study "advanced dental practice" at the Indiana Dental College. However, his primary motive for coming to Indianapolis was to participate in the Indy 500 race. On Friday, May 30, 1924, 22 car racers started the 12th running of the Indy 500. Among them was Alfred, who finished respectably, in 16th place. The car we offer for sale is a replica of his car that ran the Brick yard in 1924. The car was constructed with advice & assistance from Marque specialist Neil Tuckett; the Panacea & oracle to all things model T. The specification is very high incorporating a Warford auxiliary 3 speed gear box. This allows for one of three different ratios to be selected prior to setting off which when combined with the usual model T two speeds makes for a total of six forward gears. 1st gear is suitable for hill climbs & short sprints. 2nd gear is a good option for normal road use. 3rd gear is long legged & should be use for faster A road & motorway work. In third the car will approach a terrifying 80mph, a fact that we were able to verify on the A41 whilst clenching the wheel with white knuckles. The car has a straight through larger then drain pipe sized exhaust which emits a throaty snarl as the car accelerates. Deft use of the advance/retard lever keeps the engine on full song at low & high revs. The car has 4 pedals on the floor, some of which do what one might expect & some of which do not. Driving the car is quite easily mastered however & certainly brings out the worst in a man as if Lucifer were perched on his shoulder. The car is of course very light with incredibly direct steering allowing for exact placement of the car within an inch or so of roundabout kerb stones. The car will drift at the slightest provocation allowing for opposite lock roundabout exits in a most satisfying manner. The engine is a work of art having been built & tuned to put out around 50 horse power. Seemingly not a lot, but enough to give an electrifying ride with so little weight to deal with. It boasts a model A crank & an overhead valve Frontenac head; staple items of '20's go faster boys in the USA. The fly wheel is lightened & balanced, the clutch being upgraded with stronger springs. The car is to 12volt spec with a modern alternator & alarmingly is road legal. Driving it round the M25 produced honks of encouragement & looks of horror in equal measure from people being overhauled by the contraption, not to mention scowls of disapproval from plod in a suitably striped Volvo. Fuel & Water pumps are electrical & the car runs off conventional coil ignition rather then a trembler. I cannot over emphasize what a hoot this car is to drive & makes one understand why Ettore himself referred to Bentleys as fast lorries. The car has already run successfully in a variety of competitive events & knock off journeys of several hundred miles with aplomb. Gloves are not needed as the cord wrapped exhaust pipe makes for a great en route hand warmer.

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32,000 GBP
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United Kingdom
City, State
RM17 6ST
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