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For Sale: 1954 Chevrolet Corvette
in Boncourt, Switzerland

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In 1953, no one at Chevrolet thought that their new sports car, the Corvette, would become one of the most-acclaimed sport cars of all time. Nearly 60 years after the release of the original model, the Corvette still lives on with the same spirit as the original. The quintessential 1950s car, the Corvette was originally introduced as a prototype EX-122 during the GM Motorama, held in January 1953 in New York City. The publics reaction was so positive that GM launched the production model in the second half of the year, producing 300 cars, all delivered in Polo White and red interior, with Blue Flame 6-cylinder engine and the Powerglide automatic transmission. As all American cars of the 1950s, design evolved rapidly. For 1954, the Corvettes production moved to the all-new Ford plant in St-Louis, Missouri. Built to crank out 10,000 Corvette a year, the issues of the first models as well its expensive price tag and disappointing performance nearly killed the early enthusiasm. 1954 saw the production of only 3,600 Corvette, with nearly one-third remaining unsold at the end of the year. But 1955 turned out to be the game changer for the Corvette. Now available with an optional 265 ci V8 engine, the Corvette could finally compete with similarly priced cars in terms of performance. This V8 was such an improvement over the 6-cylinder that only a handful of 1955 Corvette were equipped with the Blue Flame. Yet, the confidence of the public still took time to catch up, and only 700 cars were built. If Chevrolet had not significantly updated the Corvette for 1956, it may have been the end of the story. But a major redesign, a new transmission and the promise of a better built-quality allowed the Corvette production to pick up once again, once and for all. The car we are offering for sale is one of these early 1954 Corvette. Like most 1954 cars, the fiberglass body is finished in the typical Polo white shade, the interior in red leather. Despite being a true 1954 car, our Corvette is equipped with a 265ci V8 engine and an upgraded 12v electrical system. The engines casting number is specific to the 1955 V8 engines. These engines were specific to the Corvette and were equipped with mechanical lifters rather than hydraulic ones, starting on 1956 models. With only 700 Corvette built in 1955, it is an extremely rare engine. Yet, it is impossible to affirm that it was the original engine since Chevrolet did not start archiving build sheets and records until 1977. Nevertheless, with more than 1,200 Corvette unsold at the end of 1954 and the new V8 released in 1955, it is highly possible that the car was upgraded to V8 specifications by the original dealership prior to initial delivery. Restored in the 1990s, this early Chevrolet Corvette made its way into Europe a couple of years ago, following the purchase by its current owner. A very clean example of this iconic 1950s car, our 1954 Chevrolet Corvette is available in France with its French registration.

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