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For Sale: 1990 BMW Z1
in Boncourt, Switzerland

PLEASE NOTE: This vehicle has been sold. However, there are more listings for 1990 BMW Z1. See them all »
Introduced at the 1987 Frankfurt Auto Show, the BMW Z1 marked the return of BMW on a market it had left to its competitors for nearly 30 years, since the production of the BMW 507 had stopped in 1959: the small roadster market. The Z1 was designed to create passion and seduce buyers into purchasing a fun and surprising car. The engineering team was given no rules to create the car. With this project, BMW wanted to ensure that the niche market for two-seat roadsters was alive, and make the Z1 the first of a kind. Built around the engine and gearbox of the 325i, the Z1s monocoque frame is built by Baur and uses all the available technologies to ensure the rigidity of the chassis. Handling is particularly impressive, even by modern standards. But the true originality of the Z1 resides in its doors. Instead of the conventional side opening, they are driven down into the body of the car. Safety is excellent thanks to the height of the flanks, making it legal to drive the Z1 with its doors opened or closed. As soon as it was presented, it was an instant success. BMW claimed they had 5,000 orders prior to the beginning of the production, and shortly after it had started to arrive on the road, they apparently had 35,000 orders for this innovative roadster. However, production quickly slowed down. The burst of the automobile speculation in 1989 leads to the understanding that most orders were purely speculative. In 1991, after only 4 years in production, BMW stopped selling the Z1. Only 8,000 units were built, nearly half of them in 1990 alone. The BMW Z1 we are offering for sale is a beautiful late 1990 model. Delivered new in France in the superb Monza Blue color, production numbers indicate that only 6 cars were delivered in this shade in France. Whats more, of the total production, only 193 cars were ordered in this color, making it one of the rarest ones available most Z1 roadsters were sold in black, red or dark green. Particularly cherished, this Z1 has only 93,000 km on the clock, a low mileage considering the robustness of BMWs inline 6. The excellent condition of the car indicates that it was well-maintained all its life. The owner will consider a part or full exchange for another classic car. This beautiful BMW Z1 is available in France with its French registration.

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