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For Sale: 1920 Sunbeam 12/16
in Tandridge, United Kingdom

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Sunbeam always made good quality cars and were particularly noted during the Edwardian period for their 12/16 model of which this is a direct descendant being effectively a pre WW1 car put back into production in 1919 to get Sunbeam’s car business going again. This example, on chassis number 16/2639/20, originally went to New Zealand where it was owned by Lady Sara Campbell - if you would like to know a bit more about her please look at . The file tells us who most, if not all, of the car’s owners were from when it was new. We have an original duplicate registration document dating from 1924 which records Lady Sara’s tenure of the car and that of several other owners until 1943. The last person on that document appears to have transferred it in 1960 (apparently in a state of disrepair) to a Julian Loughran who partially restored it before selling it to Dudley and Fay Kitson in 1982. They completed the work (which included rebuilding the engine) and used it extensively on rallies in New Zealand before it came to England in 2007 and was subsequently acquired by its present owner in 2011. The Edwardian quality of these cars is evident in their general build standard as well as their lovely period instruments, nickel lights and general fittings. It has very comfortable four seat open touring coachwork which, like the mechanicals, is in good solid condition with decent paintwork and nice leather upholstery plus a good hood and side screens. It also has a fold away rear windscreen to keep the rear passengers warm on cold days! The four cylinder three litre engine starts readily then settles down to a smooth and quiet tickover and like any engine of its era is best left to warm up for a while before driving off. Once you are driving you will find it pulls very well and even though it is ninety three years old the car is no slouch and capable of covering good distances, for example as a matter of course the owner cheerfully drove it the sixty miles from his home to my place. The clutch is smooth in use as is the four speed and reverse gearbox though out on the road you will spend most of your time in third and top as the engine has so much low down torque. The steering is positive without any wander and the brakes good though you must remember the car is not that far short of a century old so a little bit of forward planning does not come amiss when you are thinking of stopping. However once you get used to driving it you will soon find yourself bowling along quite happily in all sorts of traffic conditions. If you want a really good and very useable early vintage tourer which retains all the charm and build quality of its Edwardian forbears then this car just can't fail to impress you. Like all Sunbeams it is very good value for money especially when compared with some other cars which might cost you a lot more but won’t necessarily be any better!

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38,500 GBP
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United Kingdom
City, State
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Blue Dark

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