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For Sale: 2010 Mosler MT900S
, United Kingdom

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Produced since 2007 in limited numbers, the Mosler MT 900 S is a rare future classic with a larger-than-life character. Designed as the road legal version of its race car sister (and also as a means to homologate the race car for Le Mans), this is a car with a breathtaking punch. In testing, the Mosler has set multiple performance records including: Zero to Sixty: 3.1 seconds Zero to a Hundred: 7.5 seconds mile in 11.8 seconds and Top speed: 190mph making it a fast and furious ride. Indeed in its racing trim, the Mosler has been exceedingly successful in FIA GT Racing and has won several times in the US/Grand AM series including the Rolex 24 hours of Daytona (GTS Class) -- meaning it comes with pedigree. Built around an advanced composite monocoque assembled from carbon-fibre and aluminium honeycomb -- technology common in Formula 1 -- it's both light but sturdy on the road. Combined with substantial carbon-fibre sills and central spa structures incorporated within the roof, A-posts, front and rear bulkheads, it gives this striking sports car an ultra strong, yet ultra light cockpit environment, not all that dissimilar to the "bench setting" Ferrari F40. A case of survival of the fittest, this car has evolved through constant collaboration between Mosler Automotive in Florida and Mosler Race Teams around the world -- the end result being a car that takes your breath away. Building on everything they learnt with both the 900 R and earlier models, this car arguably represents the best model available. Just down the road from Premium Classic Cars, Breckland Technology LTD were responsible for the final assembly of the chassis, body, internals, suspension and power train. Target weight for the Mosler upon design was a mere 900Kg -- hence its name MT 900 S. In practice, they pulled it together at 1200Kg making it still lighter than rivals such as the Ferrari Enzo, Porsche Carrera GT and the Corvette C6 -- a competitive edge that might go some way to explaining how the Mosler can out sprint all three to 60mph and through the quarter mile despite only having 435bhp! One of approximately only 20 MT 900 S models ever produced, this is an exceedingly rare car. With one private owner, left hand drive and less than 8,000 miles from new, this is an exceptionally singular opportunity to own a unique supercar. The car is finished in Mosler metallic silver with a dark grey quilted Alicantra interior. It also features the latest ECU update from Mosler and has an A/C system that creates the perfect conditions to calculate supercar performance with a raw feel hitherto not found since the days of the F40. Brakes and steering deliver perfect balance and feel, even on the most ied of road surfaces. From seamless windscreen wipers to a gearbox that practically talks to the driver, this is a car for any lover of detail. It is this attention to detail that has created an utterly captivating and stunning supercar. Powered by the preferred normally aspirated 5.7 litre LS 6 Engine from Corvette and married to a 6 speed Porsche transmission, this car is simply sensational to drive. Pedals and driving position are one of the best we've come across in the supercar market, well suited to heel toe. We never expected to find a car that could rival the Ferrari F40 for driving experience but the Mosler blasts past it as what we believe is the most exhilarating road going supercar we've ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only is it the faster car, it's also just a better all around vehicle; an eminently drivable car with none of the idiosyncrasies of an F40. Driven in both dry and torrential conditions, this car is biblically quick, sensational to drive and handling on the limit is sublime. Suffice to say, with a UK MOT until June 2014 and registered on a current U

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108,000 GBP
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United Kingdom
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