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For Sale: 1966 Lotus Elan
in Stratford, Connecticut

PLEASE NOTE: This vehicle has been sold. However, there are more listings for 1966 Lotus Elan. See them all »
Classic cars for sale coast to coast This vehicle is listed by
The New England Classic Car Co.
The New England Classic Car Co.
1483 Stratford Ave
Stratford, CT 06615
Primary photo: 'dressed up' in full race car regalia and passing the reviewing stand after taking a first place trophy at the prestigious Greenwich concours. Now, all stickers have been removed for normal road use. ...A 'hot' Elan...very few miles on rebuilt modified 1594cc Cosworth Mk 15 spec Lotus twin cam engine, ported and polished big valve head, Cosworth L2 cams, balanced, high compression ratio, 140 hp, twin 40 DCOE Webers, tubular headers, VERY close ratio 'Bullet' transmission, electronic ignition, 6" wide set of Minilite style alloy wheels) with 175/70 (have 185/60s if you prefer) high performance radials, professionally installed 26R racing fender flares, Spyder tubular space frame chassis with upper and lower rear control arm suspension, plated Spyder rear and upper front control arms (located by rod ends), CV joint axle shafts, Spax adjustable shocks with adjustable ride height, custom made cast alloy front lower control arms (with an eccentric allowing camber change), adjustable rear sway bar, thick front sway bar, very good interior (brand new wood dash, new dashtop pad, v.g. original headliner and seats, v.g. original door panels), EXCELLENT BODY with no cracks anywhere in the fiberglass, fairly new BRG paint with silver stripes, working power windows, new 5 point racing belts, excellent original wiring, aluminum fuel tank, carpeted trunk, GREAT CAR. Lots of nice little details: all metal lines with proper connectors for the headlight vacuum system (instead of failure-prone rubber lines), all of the interior lights work on the original dash and door post switches, 10" diameter competition steering wheel (allowing driving with one's wrists), illuminated switches on the dash for the supplemental electric fuel pump and electric fan, competition bonnet latches, excellent original sun visors and headliner, correct badges and script, an adjustable SuperTrapp muffler and glass pack, a new Spyder roll cage which incorporates side bars fitted inside the inner sills, the list goes on and on......... And we just installed a new 3.55 ring and pinion, the highest gearing available for a Lotus Elan. Our tests: 185-205 psi compression in every cylinder, no smoke, 40 psi oil pressure (when hot...factory manual says 35-40 psi is ideal pressure)......this car FLIES. Not only fast at the top end but a lot of mid range torque. And with the 185/60 tires (or even the current 175/70s), sticks far better than any stock Elan and corners like a serious competition car YET has perfectly pleasant ride characteristics...not too stiff by any standards. IDEAL for use as a dual purpose road/race car...we can add a fuel cell, fire system, Accusump or dry sump system, external battery switch, dual master cylinder (available, in stock) and have this car ready for historic race group tech inspection. Might not blow off the 190hp all steel twin cam powered super cars but should be a wonderful racer still with road legal equipment and able to pass State MVD inspection. Entered at the prestigious Greenwich Concours and sitting next to near perfect Astons, Ferraris, Lotus 23B, etc.....WON first place. So, road car, potential race, show winner, how many cars are that versatile? This is a rare opportunity to have an extremely well prepared dual purpose road and race car at a very attractive price (especially when one tallies the costs involved in the preparation). I have owned and driven a LOT of Elans over the past 30 years. This example is by far the best handling...due, of course, to the sophisticated upper and lower rear control arm suspension (virtually the same as found on a formula car), careful selection and fitting of competition sway bars, adjustable shocks, special springs, rod ends and bushings, etc. And the wide tires add a lot over the skinny stock 155 or 165 78 series tires fitted to Elans. What I love about this car (and what very well may be the primary reason to keep this car in my barn) is that it feels, sounds, and goes like a pure racer YET it is entirely enjoyable at speeds that approximate the legal limit (can hit 130 mph+ on the long straights). Being that the car is incredibly tiny (and with its Supertrapp racing muffler, very loud), 80 mph feels like 140 in a Porsche, Jaguar, or Ferrari. And 100 mph feels like 165 and....well, you get the picture. As with all of the small cars we sell, it isn't how fast you are going that counts, rather, how fast you THINK you are going. Of course in the case of this 1500 pound, 140hp rocket, it not only feels fast but judging by the rapidly disappearing cars in its rear view mirror, I suspect it is genuinely very fast (my son and I did an informal 0-60 and saw 5 seconds on our stop watch). PURE PLEASURE. Like any other Elan in good condition. But, truth be told, no different than a good MGA, TR3, Morgan, Sprite, Lotus 7, MGB, on and on. All of the cars we sell. FUN. LOTS of FUN.

Pricing Information
Asking Price
Vehicle Location

United States
City, State
Stratford, CT
Vehicle Basics

Trim Level
S3 Coupe


Vehicle Category/Style
Sports Car


Exterior Details

Vehicle Color(s)

Condition of Exterior
Very Good

Interior Details


Condition of Interior
Very Good

Transmission Details

Transmission Type

Drive Train
Rear-wheel drive

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