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For Sale: 1946 Lancia Aprilia
in Ascot, United Kingdom

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Registration Number: Unregistred Chassis Number: 385441 Lancia need no introduction to the car connoisseur as the Company is so well known for its innovative thinking and its advanced car design. It started all the way back in the 20s with the Lambda and continued with the Aprilia. The Aprilia was also one of the first cars to have been designed with the help of windtunnel. Production commenced in February 1937, the month in which the firm's founder died: this was the last of Vincenzo Lancia's designs, featuring four pillarless doors. The first series featured a 1,352 cc V4 motor providing 47 bhp. The second series had its engine capacity increased to 1,486 cc which provided 48 bhp. With the Aprilia Lancia followed their tradition of offering cars with the steering wheel on the right even in market. A couple of these shortened chassis aimed for coachbuilders ended up with the little, more or less unknown, coachbuilder Carrozzeria Riva near Varese, This is not Riva the boatbuilder but a little shop that still exists today. In the 40s they built a stunning cabriolet version of their own design on this shortened chassis and this car has been seen winning prices at all the premier events like Pebble Beach etc. However, Riva still had a chassis in their shop in the 80s and decided to make another car just like the first one. Made by Signor Riva and from the same factory drawings, a second car was made and was finished in the early 80s. The car has a normal Aprilia engine not a Pagani prepared head version like the orignal car has but is nevertheless exactly the same as the original car and made by the same Company and panelbeaters. It has only taken part in a couple of events since completed in the early 90s but is in as new condition and would be eligible for very many events on the european classic car calendar. In this car you would be sure that no one else would have seen a car like it.

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