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For Sale: 1996 Aston Martin Vantage
in Tadworth, United Kingdom

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Only the second model to be given the name Vantage in its own right rather than being an upgrade of an existing model, the Aston Martin Vantage had a production run from April 1995 to June 1999. First impressions show the Virage influence but careful examination reveals many differences. The only Virage panels are the door and roof skins. From the front there were more obvious differences - two groups of three headlamps, each behind a single heated lens while the upper grille had an egg box appearance. The lower grille opening was larger and set within a large air dam. The bonnet opening panel did not reach the front edge and had two openings at the rear edge protected by a mesh. Huge 18 inch wheels fill the wheel arches just to the rear of which, on the front wings, are small openings. The silhouette of the car was lower than the Virage and the rear lamps rounded. Performance was the focus of the Aston Martin Vantage - when the bonnet is opened, the space either side of the 5.3 engine is dominated by two huge Eaton, Roots type, superchargers. Each driven by a wide belt the compressed air they produced received fuel via a Bosch sequential injection system and was fired by a distributorless electronic ignition system. All controlled by a Ford produced EEC lV management unit, this potent combination fired the engine power from the standard 330bhp to a phenomenal 550bhp. In performance terms, this produced acceleration of 0 - 60 mph in 4.6 seconds while it took just 10 seconds for 100 mph - Jeremy Clarkson in a contemporary road test termed the Aston Martin Vantage "the most wonderful car in the world". The quoted top speed of the car is an even 300 kilometres per hour - that is 186 miles per hour! But performance did not mean Aston Martin expected their customers to sacrifice luxury. Ten Connolly hides were needed for each luxurious interior and Burr Walnut was used for the facia panel, centre console and door cappings, and Wilton carpet for the floor covering. There were a minimum of twelve separate coats of paint applied to each body. Each engine carries the name of the individual craftsman who was personally responsible for its build and extended dynamometer test. There is power assistance for the adjustment of the driver and front passenger seats. A sophisticated climate control system is provided together with a stereo, radio, cassette and CD player. For the final touch of luxury, cruise control was fitted for long distance touring.

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84,950 GBP
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United Kingdom
City, State
KT20 7HZ
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