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For Sale: 1932 Bugatti Type 51
in Boncourt, Switzerland

PLEASE NOTE: This vehicle has been sold. However, there are more listings for 1932 Bugatti Type 51 . See them all »
In the early 1930s, the Bugatti Type 35, the dominant force in Grand Prix racing since 1924, is already starting to become old, obsolete and is no longer competitive against the new generation of Grand Prix racers. In dire need of a replacement, Ettore Bugatti presents in 1931 the all-new Grand Prix Bugatti, the Type 51. Even though the two cars look very much alike, they are fundamentally different in terms of engineering. The new 2300cc straight 8 engine with double overhead camshaft of the Type 51 racer developed a strong 160 bhp when the most powerful Type 35, the T35B, could only crank out 140 bhp thanks to the use of a supercharger. The fate of the Type 51 in Grand Prix racing wasn’t up to par with the expectations of its creators. With the competition of Government-backed Italian and German brands, the Type 51 never managed to shine like its predecessor. With a single win in its career at the 1931 French Grand Prix, it ended the line of pre-war Bugatti racers. With approximately 40 units built, the Bugatti Type 51 is rare and exceptional. We are happy to offer for sale this beautiful Argentinian recreation of this pre-war racer.

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