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For Sale: 2013 Nissan GT-R
in Solon

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"As you can see from the pictures, this car is as perfect as showroom new. Underneath (we've taken it apart and can tell) it looks like it hasn't even seen rain! The full Alpha 9 kit adds more than 250 horsepower, making this one of the fastest cars in America to which you can attach license plates! The full Alpha 9 was added new at 1600 miles. AMS's kit is one of the most complete we've ever seen, with nearly every nut, bolt and gasket needed for installation. Getting the kit here was no problem--you just write a check and a big pallet shows up. Actually installing the parts is a little trickier: AMS sets aside around 40 hours for the upgrades! The turbos and exhaust manifolds are one in the same, and you can't change them with the motor in the car. Likewise, we had to remove the rear subframe to get the gearbox to from Shepherd Transmission for their full stage 3 setup. You'll be able to view pictures of the whole ordeal on our ""projects"" page. It's kind of cool to see a new GT-R chassis laid bare!"

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