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For Sale: 1910 White Steam Car
in Lebanon, New Jersey

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Classic cars for sale coast to coast This vehicle is listed by
Donald G Meyer
Donald G Meyer
Lebanon, NJ 08833
1910 White Steam Car – Model OO
This car was purchased by Carl Amsley from the Crawford Museum in Cleveland, Ohio.
He sold it to a man in Ogdensburg, NY who subsequently sold it in 1980. Since that time, the car has been an active participant in most of the steam car tours conducted in the Northeast USA . This includes New England, New York state, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Georgia and Ontario, Canadawhi

1910 WHITE Steam Car
Model OO – Serial Number 1030
Sept, 1980 - Purchase, came from Cleveland Automobile Museum in approx. 1975

Winter ’80-‘81
Removed engine
Honed cylinders
Installed new pistons, rings and rods
Honed Hi-Pressure valve bore
Replaced H.P. valve
Honed L.P. bore
Replaced L.P. rings and valve
Reworked lubricator

Spring 1981
Rebuilt water regulator
Reset flowmotor adjustments
Removed and cleaned Main Burner

Winter ’81-‘82
Replaced front main bearing – crankshaft

Spring/Summer ‘82
Restored condenser

Winter ’82-‘83
Rebuilt throttle
Rebuilt #2 Pilot

Spring/Summer ‘83
Restored fan, belt and spring
Adjusted front wheel toe-in to 1/4-3/8”

August ‘83
Restored fan pulley and replaced belt
Lapped throttle and seat
August ‘85
Replaced lower three (super heat) coils in steam generator
Replaced flame/heat diffuser in generator
Sept ‘86
Lapped safety valve stem and seat

May ‘87
Installed reconditioned air pressure gauge
Rebuilt air and condensate pump – new rings and cleaned bore
Sept ‘87
Replaced pinion shaft and two bearings in the rear end
June ‘89
Installed Propane pilot light
July ‘90
Had new top, bows and sockets installed
May ‘92
Installed rebuilt steam generator consisting of a new support casting and sheet metal jacket.
May ‘94
Replaced brake drums, and also used relined brake shoes, service and emerg.
Replaced both rear axle bearings
Replaced water pump packing with “o rings”
June ‘96
Repaired by welding cracked front right wheel hub, replaced both inner and outer bearings.
June ‘98
Replaced lower two coils (super heat) in steam generator
July ‘99
Painted right front fender, splash shields and dog legs
Replaced wooden running boards and rubber front floor mat.
Sept. ‘01
Thermostat casting neck blew, replaced with new casting in 2003
Spring ‘02
Rebuilt crankcase; used diesel welding rod (hardest available >RC60), reground on the crank and hard chromed –reground rods
Replaced connecting rod balls and main bearings.
Spring ‘03
Replated water pump plunger with hard chrome
July ‘04
Replaced steam line from pyrometer to throttle.
Approximately in this time period, the body was painted maroon, original color, except for the rear tonneau. It was left as is.

Rebuilt all ball checks in water pump, new seats, new balls with adjustable stops.
Oct. ‘08
Replaced H.P. piston rings

Spring ‘13
Repaired burner housing and replaced grating with new casting.
Added ¼ inch thick steel splice to longest top bow where it broke near socket entry point.
Sept. ‘13
Replaced H.P. piston rod with one made of stainless steel 440C
This chronology does NOT include routine maintenance (new packing , oil changes and adjustments).

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