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For Sale: 1967 Buick GS
in Charlotte, North Carolina

Classic cars for sale coast to coast This vehicle is listed by
RK Motors Charlotte
RK Motors Charlotte
5527 Lakeview Road
Charlotte, NC 28269
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Weve all heard the Cinderella stories about fully documented survivor cars that one owner fastidiously preserves and another owner stumbles upon and turns into gold. The problem is most of those fairy tales involve models that are very common in collector car folklore and, despite high five or even six digit price tags, almost always have equally impressive peers. Well, as you all know, the dedicated staff at RK Motors Charlotte specializes in both rare AND unique automobiles. And our latest one-of-a-kind offering, this custom ordered 9,645 mile Buick GS 400, is the nicest 67 survivor weve ever seen and undoubtedly the finest unrestored Buick in the world. As an all original head turner thats spent most of its life in the hands of one dedicated owner, its the perfect piece for any collector who wants a first rate classic with an outstanding history. And best of all, the car is fully documented from its original window sticker all the way to its recent feature in Hemmings Muscle Machines. If youre looking for some killer blue chip muscle that has an amazing story and even more impressive provenance, Buick built it and RK Motors Charlotte is selling it!

Our story begins roughly six years ago when this time capsule tri-shields current owner was strolling through a national Buick event and noticed the cars peculiar yellow interior. As the second generation owner of a GM dealership he had spent most of his early years watching the best of Detroits power-happy creations roll straight off the truck and straight into the showroom, so he certainly knew a unique color combination when he saw it. It wasnt long before an older gentleman confirmed the car was for sale and then confirmed it was indeed an all original 1967 GS 400 that had racked up only 9K miles in almost 40 years. After a bit of small talk a few weeks of negotiations commenced and the older gentleman, who certainly knew what he had, agreed to one lump sum payment of cash. It took a little time for the cars current owner to round up the Benjamins, but after visiting four banks and securing a cooler to carry the money in, he headed to Virginia to pick up his new one-of-a-kind muscle car. Only after hands were shook and the older gentleman and his wife had finished counting the money did they decide to reveal the cars whole story and shed light on how it managed to survive in essentially showroom fresh condition. The older gentleman, love struck and ready to settle down, wanted to impress his soon to be bride by special ordering Buicks hottest new model from Blue Ridge Motors in Roanoke, Virginia. Every red-blooded car guy knows that girls love fast cars, so the divisions Stage 1 400 with no power steering and no air conditioning was mandatory equipment. A trailer package, which provided stiffer rear springs, and an M20 Muncie 4-speed were thrown in for good measure. And last but not least, the cars interior HAD to match his future wifes gorgeous blonde hair. Unfortunately, as we all know, nothing in this life is guaranteed and the bride to be found another man before the badass GS even rolled off the assembly line. The gentleman was crushed but decided to take the car anyway and ended up tucking it away in his fathers basement for the better part of 38 years.

When the gentlemans pre-ordered Buick arrived at Roanokes Blue Ridge Motors, the dealer took a little Windex and plastered the cars original window sticker to the inside of its black decklid. That 45 year old window sticker, which has remained on the cars decklid ever since, breaks down as follows:



Deluxe steering wheel


Dual horns

Foam padded seat cushions

Dual exhaust

Ash tray light

Glove compartment light

White or red stripe wide oval tires

Heavy duty Energizer


193: Vinyl Strato Bucket seats ($68.46)

M20: Floor shifted 4-speed transmission ($184.31)

J50: Power brakes ($41.60)

U63: Sonomatic radio with manual antenna ($64.25)

U80: Rear seat speaker ($16.64)

G80: Positive traction differential ($42.13)

G50: Trailer towing option ($3.69)

A39: Custom front and rear seatbelts ($6.32)

A01: Soft Ray tinted glass ($30.54)

B93: Door guards ($4.74)

W22: Electric clock and trunk light ($17.90)

P05: Chrome plated wheels ($90.58)

B85: Belt reveal moldings ($14.74)



Few traditional Buick buyers would ever think of ordering their new luxury car in a sinister coat of GMs code A black. Fewer still would ever dream of accenting that wet looking pigment with a pair of bright red pin stripes. But thats exactly what the original owner of this GS did; and today, thanks to hardly ever seeing sun, rain or street time, the cars mirror-like finish is a largely flaw-free celebration of lacquer laden originality. That said, the body glossy panels are not devoid of all character like so many fresh frame-off restorations. Rather, they carry just the right amount of wear under a soft shine that simply cannot be duplicated with todays perfected basecoat/clearcoat paint process. Under that vintage single-stage paint, all original OEM sheetmetal shows no signs of botched repairs, accident damage or cancerous rust. And overall, this Buick is as close to factory perfect as a five decades removed classic can get.

For 1967 the GS graduated from an options package to a full model line that featured small aesthetic tweaks and a lot more attitude. The result was a substantial looking car which managed to feel more upscale than its GM stable mates while retaining the same broad shouldered, all-American attitude. At the front of this Buicks long body, a broad chrome bumper hangs clear, square marker lights below a deep-set grille which centers a concave divider between red GS ornamentation and four silver-trimmed T3 headlights. At the top of the body, a canted BUICK script fronts a sculpted hood which flows to factory glass thats capped by chrome drip rails, bordered by well-maintained stainless trim and cleared by satin finished wiper arms. At the sides of the body, ribbed rocker trim combines with fresh stainless wheel well trim to parallel factory ventiports, original GS400 quarter emblems, traditional chrome door handles and Buick branded mirrors. And at the back of this Buick, a second chrome bumper centers like-new reverse lamps below a black GS400 branded rear valence, a second canted BUICK script and stylish, stainless-trimmed tail lights. Of special interest are the factory installed rocker panel moldings. Talk to many casual Buick GS experts and they will tell you these were not available in 1967. This only means they havent actually seen them before-but these are originals and the car was delivered with them new!

Since GMs doctors and lawyers division decided to get serious about their performance image, they also upped the ante in the engine compartment by equipping their newly christened GS with a first rendition of their now legendary big block V8. Hoist this cars glossy black hood and youll find 400 cubic inches of untouched, original Buick muscle that produces 340 horsepower, spins stout 10.25 to 1 compression into 440 lb./ft. of torque, and wears a correct 1381624 casting number above a 1967-exclusive NR assembly stamp ...For more information please call the seller.

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