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For Sale: 1964 MG MGB
in Stratford, Connecticut

PLEASE NOTE: This vehicle has been sold. However, there are more listings for 1964 MG MGB. See them all »
Classic cars for sale coast to coast This vehicle is listed by
The New England Classic Car Co.
The New England Classic Car Co.
1483 Stratford Ave
Stratford, CT 06615
a VERY SPECIAL project done for a past girlfriend and then further modified for a local friend for a very specific use........ A few yerars ago, we acquired one of the most interesting MGBs we had ever seen....prepared for competition but still retaining a lot of road usable components. Absolutely rust free California car. Clearly a true racer but, we understood, one capable for going on 'blasts around the neighborhood.' This is what we got: an excellent MGB racer from the mid 1960s, excellent body and floor/chassis. More than presentable black paint. A freshly rebuilt, highly modified engine bored to 2 liters, balanced, race cam timed with degree wheel, ported and polished head, Rimflow valvas, ARP rod bolts, lightened flywheel, 11:1 compression pistons, new 45 DCOE Weber, tubular headers, Mallory Unilite electronic distributor, competition clutch, all freshly done. AND there was a lot more....REALLY 'trick' back axle with the housing of the axle cut off and replaced with fabricated tubes and axle shafts...the result was a narrower rear track with the purpose of being able to fit much wider rear tires yet keep the wheels and tires inside the bodywork. Great idea. And worked perfectly. Now fitted with hand grooved Toyo competition tires, 205/55 front and 225/50 rear (as opposed to the stock 165 MGB tires!). Mounted on new Panasport light alloy wheels. A Panhard rod in the rear for axle location, front 7/8" sway bar, lowered competition prings, rear Spax adjustable shocks, rear sway bar, really well set up. Fuel cell, fuel pressure regulator, nicely fabricated roll bar and side bars, four pot racing front calipers, cockpit mounted bias adjuster, Aeroquip, oil cooler, the list went on and on. And the result was a first class well prepared historic racer. From what we were told by the California dealer (with whom we had done a lot of business), it was the project of an elderly gentleman who really never intended on going racing...just wanted to build (obviously with a relatively unlimited budget) a super racer. And that was what we got. Car rolled into our workshop, we hung a dealer plate on and took it for a ride. WONDERFUL! Fast, smooth, just about perfect. We then began to add things to this lovely car...Accusump oiling system, rev limiter, LeMans headlight covers....we 'finished it off' for a friend who was interested in trying her hand at some racing. Drove it on the road a bit more for her to familiarize herself with the car and then took it to Pocono for a driver's school (note in photos, two people in the car...and note how much a Lotus Elise was rolling to get through a tight corner and how flat the MGB was in the same corner). The event organizers (who I knew) were kind enough to deputize me as an instructor for the weekend...she went well and then, aw shucks, I couldn't wait to take it out. Which I did. Putting my foot down, I found this car FLEW. Was able to outcorner a Lotus Elise in the tight infield corners, and keep up with all but the fastest 3 liter BMW and V8 racers on the banking. It was very impressive. And I was impressed. This was unlike ANY MGB I had ever driven. She then did another school at Lime Rock with similar results. Fast, smooth, perfectly balanced, and reliable. Ready for a race season. Alas, she wasn't and wound up moving to Florida. Parted as friends. But what to do with the MGB? Ah, a local friend 'J' came along and we chatted about really doing this car up as a true dual purpose racer and road car. Which we did. Working lights, charging system, a bit nicer interior, speedo, elec cooling fan, two seats, muffler, and the result was passing Connecticut inspection and being fully road going. While still retaining the ability to go racing. Now, 'J' hasn't moved to Florida BUT just got out of back surgery and isn't gonna go racing. Not in this lifetime. Hence this wonderful car was back on the market. And ready to race OR drive on the road. AND........the story continues........with a teenage son, thought it would be the perfect entry level racer 'cause he could get 'free' practice on the road and BE SAFE in a reliable, easy to maintain, stylish racer. So, we removed the engine, 'freshed' the bottom end with new main and rod bearings (.010/.010), fitted a windage tray, new baffled, finned alloy oil sump, new lightened cam followers, repofiled race cam, vernier double row timing chain and gears, freshly rebuilt ratio Datsun 280ZX five speed transmission. The perfect solution to the wider B 'box ratios and to eliminate ANY need to over rev down a long straight. (with its new top gear gearing, theoretical top speed is in excess of 150 mph) This car is getting more and more 'serious.' As a hypothetical alternative to a road/race Lotus Super 7 or Elan, as bullet proof as we can imagine, fast, attractive, phenomenal handling, and a pretty neat little car. Needless to say, between the California guy, me (first time), preparing it for my local friend/customer, getting it back and preparing it for my son...........have a small (or, maybe, medium) fortune invested. A truly first class car. For road, race, show, and in many ways, the perfect compromise. Inexpensive parts, very reliable components, sophisticated additions, HOW many MGBs have four pot calipers, 5 speed trans, 205 front, 225 rear racing tires, a roll cage like a NASCAR stocker, and all of this work is damned close to being absolutely fresh as this car has need only a few track days over the time since I acquired it from the left coast. Wanna go historic racing on a budget and get free track practice sessions (through your local streets and winding roads)? Here is your chance. And classic case of 'my loss can be your gem.' (PS why it is for sale? Son and heir became enamored with racing Karts ever since going through the Jim Russel school in Quebec and now wants to go professional Kart racing) In my barn and ready to load on a trailer, take to a track, and go racing.

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