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For Sale: 1976 Cadillac Eldorado
in North Canton, Ohio

PLEASE NOTE: This vehicle has been sold. However, there are more listings for 1976 Cadillac Eldorado. See them all »
Classic cars for sale coast to coast This vehicle is listed by
Auto Connection, Inc.
Auto Connection, Inc. Inc.
5202 Limerick Ave., NW
North Canton, OH 44720
The last year of the factory built Eldorado Convertibles. These are collected and driven by lovers of the biggest and most powerful rag tops ever built. This one has been owned and pampered by the same family since brand new and adult driven a little over 700 miles on special occasions and parades only. She was started and warmed on a regular basis to keep the fluids flowing. Just take a peak at the pictures to see how outstanding she is.

Equipped including

Power steering, Power brakes, Air Conditioning, Auto transmission, Leather seating area, Cruise control, Am-Fm stereo, 8 Track player, Twilight sentinel, Delay wipers, Auto door locks, Tilt & telescope wheel, Power antenna, Power top, Power trunk release & pull down, 6 way power driver & passenger, Outside thermometer, 4 wheel disc brakes.


The painted metal surfaces look like that of a car that is just a few months old. The family explained that other then the new bumper fillers, it has never had any paint work since they bought it new. All very smooth and shiny original paint. The fillers have a very similar finish but just like when these cars were brand new, they don’t match perfectly in every light condition or angle. I did not see any other chips or nicks on the surface which is the result of only 700 miles.


The body is about as close to like new as you could probably imagine.
Original and very straight and correct to the point of how they were built brand new with the exception of a slight little factory deviation in the hood that can only be seen under fluorescent lights. Being extremely critical, there also is a slight dimple in the top edge of the left quarter ( see pics)

Bright work

All of the bright work appears to be in place and fastened properly. The stainless surrounding the window areas as well as the balance of the chrome and stainless looks free of any aging, wear or damage. The only exceptions being a slight light pitting on the very top of the frt. & rear bumpers and door handles. (see pics)


Overall, the glass is as close to new as imaginable and without the usual vertical light scratching that power windows often develop. All glass being very clear, no delaminating, discoloring, cracks, or wiper marks as the car has just not been used that much.


The Vinyl top is only a few months old. It was replaced as an edge was gnawed on by something (1” approx) extremely bright white and new material in and out. (See interior top pics)


With its having very little exposure, it remains about as close to new as imaginable. When sitting in the drivers seat and admiring the dash and steering wheel, it’s like a trip back in time. Other then a little cleaning on the doors arm rests where they are touched, a slight seat spot, a glove box paint flake, and the foam maybe breaking down in the visors, it’s like taking a trip back to the Cadillac showroom in 1976.


Thought it’s also had very little use like the rest of the car, the black flooring has been slightly damaged by what I guess to be a rodent (mouse?)( easily replaced ) We have the original inflatable spare, canister, and jack in place.


Tires,wheels,caps all original per the family LR78 -15. 10 to 11/ 32 remaining on all tires depths


The engine compartment inspection doesn’t not show any obvious changes except the battery has been replaced. A slight belt dust and a concern did find an alternator replacement necessary.


You can see some factory markings and some metal with a bright shine yet. Others not painted very well upon assemble. Just as you would expect a 700 mile car with normal surface rust from a typical garage stored situation. May have received a typical dealer light undercoat or factory coverage.

Test drive

Chad has started the car cold, warm, let idle, and drove it several miles around the neighborhood. The engine seems to start and run well as designed. With no plates he couldn’t drive it out on the main road. Trans seems to shift up and down properly. Chad was able to drive up to around 40-45 mph in the neighborhood. Steering was nice and smooth and works as designed. Upon braking, do not notice pulsation or pulling in brakes. A light air noise was heard in the rear but I’m not sure what it is. Tires seem slightly out of round and give slight vibration in steering wheel. This may or may not straighten itself out with a few more miles and getting tires warm.

The owner explained that she had received the car new as an anniversary gift. Her son added that an in house mechanic looked over the car at least yearly and performed service. This included oil changes and needed fluids most every year. They also made it a point to at least start and warm the engine sometime within every 3-4 months.

Chad tested the following (nothing noted as not operating)

Left and right door latches work
All 4 windows run correctly up and down
Window lock out button works
Left and right side remote windows work correct
Twilight sentinel working
Wipers work on all 3 speeds and delay
Windshield washers operate
Engine runs smooth at elevated speeds in neutral but upon returning to idle a slight rattle , (loose baffle sounds like )
Horn works
Hood release from inside works
Climate control system, auto fan, defroster, a/c compressor engages and seems to cool ( Ice building on a/c parts) ( 40 degree out)
Radio am, fm, tone, speaker, power antenna, all seem to operate ( low & high setting works
Sun visors adjust ( foam inside has broken down).
Cigarette lighter works
Trip odometer reset works
Interior courtesy light works
Interior trunk release and power pull down works
Vents for a/c all operate.
Lights—tail, front markers, 4 headlights & dimmer, left & right turn signals, front and rear, corner lights, brake, all work properly
Convertible top power is working smoothly. ( With cold weather did not fold down all the way).
Interior courtesy lights working
6 way power on both seats work
Auto locks in drive operate
Fuel gauge ( Chad added 5 gallon fuel and took from almost empty to ¼
Cruise control engages ( only had at 45 mph)
Clock is operating (not sure if holding exact time)

Interested buyers please call Chad Gumpp
Mobile/Direct: 330-353-1750
Office: 330-452-5788

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