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For Sale: 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS
in North Canton, Ohio

PLEASE NOTE: This vehicle has been sold. However, there are more listings for 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS. See them all »
Classic cars for sale coast to coast This vehicle is listed by
Auto Connection, Inc.
Auto Connection, Inc. Inc.
5202 Limerick Ave., NW
North Canton, OH 44720
This beauty is one of the best examples of a classic SS Chevelle that we have ever come across! She is just striking with that “triple black” coloring (including the vinyl top) and her laser-straight body! Her professionally maintained black paint is beautiful…and you know nothing shows off a car like highly polished chrome on black! All that coupled with slight “hot-rodding” (upgraded transmission, designated as a 375 HP version) makes her a force to be reckon with!

Additional Details

It is our (and the seller’s opinion) that she has every bit of 375 HP. When you listen to her audio, you can hear her run with the cam and header set up. We believe she has hydraulic lifters for ease of maintenance, and is producing every bit of 375 HP …and maybe a little more.
The icing on the cake is your choice of tires and wheels! The owner can put on the original set of SS wheels and tires if you want it to look bone-stock. Or you have the option of installing the Cragers (with the slightly over-sized rear tire) to give her a more hot-rodded look.

She has low, original mileage (her title says “actual mileage”). The seller tells us he drives her sparingly (to car shows or cruise-ins), and stores her in a climate controlled garage.

Chad put the car up on a rack, and tried to take pictures of the numbers he found (some while holding a mirror, a light, and the camera). Some of the numbers were difficult to see, but below are the results to our research. Bidders are required to do their own due diligence and confirm this information.

Vin #:
1 = Chevrolet
36 = Malibu and Concours Station Wagon 8 cyl
37 = 2 door sport coupe
9 = 1969
B = Baltimore, MD

Trim tag:
ST = model
69 = year
13697 = Malibu sport coupe division series
TR 756 = Black coated fabric bucket seat
10 PNT = Tuxedo black
10 D = build date, 4th week of October

Casting #:
3902406 = late 1966 or 1967 engine block, 396, for 325 – 350 – 375 HP

Chad photographed the words “hi perf pass” on the block. Our research tells us that means it does not have a “truck engine”. He also saw 4 digits on the right side, but could not decipher them.

[ Paint ] – The paint on this Chevelle is absolutely exquisite. It is extremely smooth and shiny, and matches beautifully. There is not even a hint of orange peel. You can tell that a tremendous amount of time was taken to prepare and polish this car. It is almost as reflective as a mirror! It is just fabulously done.

We went over random areas with a magnet and paint gauge. In general, the upper surfaces seem between 12 -14 mils of paint. The sides are 6 – 10. It is very common to have a little heavier paint on the top side. It looks like it was evenly done (which shows professionalism).

Being extremely critical, we do not see any scratches, but there are a couple of nicks (on the left edge of the hood and the back edge of the driver\'s door). They look like they were professionally touched up and rubbed out, so they barely show. There is one little spot at the front of the bottom edge on the drivers door… there is a little bit of blistering starting there. It is very minute and minimal, but does exist. There is also a very small blister at the bottom of the vinyl top on the right side. (see additional photos)

Some of the up close photos were taken inside the (heated) building where the car is stored. It has a corrugated steel ceiling (painted white) and it reflects in some of the photos. We apologize for the reflection but it could not be helped.

[ Body ] – The body is in absolutely pristine condition! Looking down both sides (to detect any incorrect areas), reveals it to be as straight if not straighter than when it was originally built. You might see a slight ripple in the sheet metal, but this is how they were when stamped new.

We viewed the body at different angles, and in different lighting (indoors, under very bright lights, and outdoors) and we did not see any incorrect panels, dents, or dimples on the top or side surfaces.

The fits on the trunk, hood, and doors are nicely aligned except the front of hood. It looks like it could be adjusted maybe a 1/16” …that would make it just about as correct as you could imagine (and could be easily accomplished). The fits and tolerances around the panels look really good.

It is possible that there were some repairs at the bottom corners of the doors and the bottoms of the front fenders (behind the front tires). This is just an observation based on my readings. For the record, Chad owned a ‘69 Chevelle back in the day. He did not drive it in the winter, yet within 5-6 years, those same areas needed attention. We are told this is pretty common.

We did not pick up or see any major filler areas (which would indicate a lot of body work). This Chevelle appears to just have had minor work over the years, but overall, has a beautifully preserved body.

[ Chrome/Bright Work ] – The bright work pieces around the window areas and vinyl top seem to be all in place and fastened well. It looks like it has either been well cared for or highly buffed, as they show almost no wear and / or scratching. It is in really nice condition.

Being extremely critical, there is light scratching on the stainless where the wipers rest (right below vin #). There are a couple of dimples on the piece that runs along the lower portion of the rear window. See close-up photos.

The finish on both mirrors and the door handles looks like new! The chrome on the cowl vents and antenna shows very little wear. The black paint on the cowl vents shows a little age.

The front and rear bumpers, grill, tail light bezels, wheel opening moldings, and marker lights all show no damage or wear. Chad literally walked around the car at least 5 times trying to find something that looked less than “like new” (or almost new). The only thing he could come up with is the left side high beam light bezel has a tiny scrape and 2 very small dents on the front grill. The rest is just impeccable.

[ Glass ] – The glass is in extremely nice condition! The glass looks nice and clear, although there is a little wear on the back edge of the driver\'s window.

The side windows say “Safety Flo – Lite” (the left side wording is a little more faint and harder to see). The windshield and rear window say “Safety Plate”. It appears free of bulls-eyes, cracks, or heavier-than-normal wiper marks. Nor do we see any discoloring or delamination. The only glass issue is that the rear view mirror is discolored. See photos.

[ Vinyl Top ] – The vinyl top is in very nice condition, and looks very fresh and supple. The black coloring is not faded and looks nice. The seams and stitching all look good, and as with the rest of the car, the top looks like it has had very little exposure.

Being extremely critical, there are a couple of raised spots at the lower left corner of the rear window (between the trunk and rear window). There may possibly be a little rust that needs to be taken care of. It is in a very easy place to reach and should be easy to remedy.

[ Interior ] – The interior is in such nice condition! Unfortunately, we took the pictures outside, and the sun was very bright that day. Bright sun tends to make black look lighter/faded – so keep this in mind when you look through the pictures.

The interior coloring looks good – it has nice color and shows little wear. The carpet may have faded a bit, but it is very minimal. It looks like it could be original (except for the floor mats). There is a small 1.5” area where the carpet is not extending right up

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United States
City, State
North Canton, OH
Vehicle Basics

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Vehicle Color(s)
Black & Black

Accessories and Customizations

Restoration History
Partially Restored

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Partially Restored

Condition of Interior
Very Good

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396 c.i.

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Drive Train
Rear-wheel drive

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