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For Sale: 1977 Dodge Monaco
in New Castle, Pennsylvania

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The yellow-sided, black-topped Royal Monaco was thought extinct. But rare and scattered reports by keen observers have surfaced in the Bigfoot areas of Western Pennsylvania. Local folks claim to have spotted a retired clergyman behind the wheel of one of these monsters. The creature's body is so long you can't even see the hood ornament from the rear bumper on a foggy morning. Its black interior looks younger than your baby pictures. The front and rear bench seats could hold six Sumo wrestlers and a gecko. Some regions of the vast trunk have never been explored. The current owner is the second Presbyterian minister to keep this car in his garage. Neither of them allowed smoking, drinking, cursing or gambling in the vehicle. Neither yielded to the temptation of revving up the power of its 8 cylinder 360 engine for a drag race.

The beast has seven tires. Four are good Goodyear Regatta all-weather whitewall radials, one is a spare, and two are ancient, rarely-used, mounted, deep-tread snow tires. The AM/FM radio works. The cruise control works. The original analog dash clock stopped decades ago, but the Radio Shack digital stick-on keeps wonderful time. Rust is minimal. The battery is good. Within the past twenty thousand miles, trained automotive service technicians replaced both front brake calipers, the radiator, the catalytic converter, the muffler and other elements of the exhaust system.

The car looks nice, smells good and runs well for the most part, but there is no point pretending it is in showroom condition. Brace yourself for some reconditioning if you plan to win a prize at a classic car show. The first reverend caught the mirror on his garage three decades ago and nobody ever repaired the cracks around it. Sometimes the starter makes you nervous by failing on the first attempt, but does fine on the second or third try. Oil and transmission fluid need to be replenished from time to time. A faint 87-octane odor persists for a short while when you turn the engine off. The central armrest on the front seat irritates the preacher by popping forward when he pushes it back. The air conditioning needs recharged every couple of years including now. One hubcap looks different than the others. If you want the fourth original, search the tall weeds along Plank Road. The headlamp covers don't close completely and sometimes refuse to close at all. Some paint blemishes have received amateur touch-ups. Others just sit there waiting for you. Overall the paint would look pretty good to the near-sighted referee who overturned Troy Polamalu's interception of Peyton Manning's pass in the playoffs a few years ago. Hey, the Steelers won anyway, so this car might be just what you are looking for.
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United States
City, State
New Castle, PA
Vehicle Basics

Trim Level
Royal Monaco Brougham

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Vehicle Category/Style
Sedan (4 door)


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Very Good

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Drive Train
Rear-wheel drive

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