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For Sale: 1980 Pontiac Firebird
in Lagrange, Ohio

PLEASE NOTE: This vehicle has been sold. However, there are more listings for 1980 Pontiac Firebird. See them all »
1980 Pontiac Firebird Espirit. Hardtop Coupe. 301 V8 “W” Code Engine. Norwood, Ohio Plant. Production sequence 112,121 out of 100,000.

17,277 total Espirit models were manufactured (both V6 and V8 models) Roughly 9,000 of the V8 model were made (estimated), making this car 1/9,000.

301 V8 “W” code engine. 5.0 L. 8.1:1 Compression Ratio. 140 h.p./4000 RPM and 240lb-ft @ 2200 RPM. Partial top-end rebuild in 2011. New valve cover gaskets, new seals, new intake manifold (Edelbrock Pontiac Performer), new carburetor (Holley 4bbl, 850 cfm), new mechanical fuel pump, new gas lines, new power steering pressure hose. Engine block is painted red (original Pontiac engine blocks are painted a light blue, minor flaw in originality but is easily corrected). Black special edition Edelbrock valve covers, and air intake cleaner with red pre-filter. Engine bay is painted black with Rust-Oleum Black paint. New spark plugs, new battery, new battery cables, new spark plug wires, new distributor cap. New Hooker Super Compeition Headers. New oil pan gasket, no leaks or drips. Total estimated value of engine, $3,500-$4,000 with high quality aftermarket parts added into that total. Engine code matches VIN number, numbers matching. Orginal motor to the vehicle. Only 47,742 original miles on the vehicle. The exhaust is not complete. No pipes, mufflers, converters, etc. Currently it has open headers, so the owner can put in any type of exhaust system they would like.

Vehicle’s chassis and trunk have been professionally undercoated using top quality Rust-Oleum Professional Undercoating. New suspension, new outer tierods, new front disc brake calipers, pads, and rotors. Exterior painted with black primer. Buyer will be able to touch primer job up, and paint whatever color they desire. No damage, rust, dents on body. When car was originally bought in October of 2011, no rust existed on the body then either. It is believed that originally the car was driven and owned in North Carolina, then made it’s way here.

Three speed Turbo-Hydra Matic transmission. Rebuilt in November 2011. New automatic transmission shift cable, new seals and gaskets on transmission, coated with professional silver high heat tolerance paint. Shifts nicely, and smoothly. The Turbo-Hydra Matic transmission was an add-on for the Esprit, costing an additional $358.00 in 1980.

The interior is not complete, and needs work. One thing I wanted to make sure to do when I got ready to sell this was be completely honest in my sale. The dash bezel, originally wood grain in the Esprit, has been painted black. Although it does look nice with the red dash panels, it is not original. The center console is in perfect shape, but is also painted black. The interior is, for lack of a better term, hodge-podge and not complete. Missing parts include the headliner, some trim pieces (not rear ¼ panel covers or sail panels), radio, and the vehicle does not have A/C. The carpet is original, and was painted black with a carpet dye system. However, quite possibly the most important component of the interior, the seats are in perfect shape. Beautiful red leather seats with no mars, wear, or damage. One of the door panels looks like it caught some overspray, and should be replaced if aiming for a completely original, perfect restoration. This is the one component of the car that needs work. Mechanically and body wise, the car is in excellent condition, but the interior needs work. The gauges are all there, but need re-set and configured so they read accurate. One of the rear ¼ panel trim pieces has a small crack in it. In my current estimations, to finish the interior 100% according to Ames Performance (major supplier of antique and vintage Pontiac parts) it would cost anywhere from $750.00 to $1,200.00 depending on what all the owner wanted to do completely GM original or not. I have modified the standard pricing of completed Esprit’s to accommodate the incomplete interior, and what it will cost to complete it correctly. I have interior and exterior pieces that I have not yet installed that will go with car obviously.

The car comes with 4 Rally II Pontiac original rims. These rims have been painted black, but are in excellent condition. I do not have the PMD center caps for these rims, and that will cost roughly $200-$300.00. Again, this has been deducted from a completed Esprit value for my asking price. The Rally II rims will need to be sanded, and re-painted to be original. The Crager SS rims seen in some pictures DO NOT COME WITH VEHICLE.

The car runs well, handles well, brakes well, and overall just drives great. With a little TLC, this will be an excellent show car.

I have a clear title, in my name, just recently received, no liens, ready to transfer. I am selling this car because I want to save up money for a house, as I am quite young. I have spent a good deal of money having high quality professionals do work on the car. I am asking $8,000 but will consider any serious offers. Please do not hesitate to make me an offer. Cash is preferred, but will consider other methods of payment. Buyer is responsible for shipping, shipping costs, and all of the logistics and information involved with that. In person pick-up is preferred. With Pontiac going out of business, and only about 9,000 of these cars made, it is a rare car. I have seen fully completed Esprits going for in upwards of $20,000.00 and will only continue to increase value over time. To realize its rare, just simply do a search for this car online and see how many you find exactly like this one. With some TLC, this could be an excellent addition to a classic car enthusiasts garage. At a reasonable price, and with no mechanical flaws, it is simply down to TLC in the interior (the hard and expensive work is finished). To bring a car back from where I did with this to where it is now, it would cost much more then $8,000. If you have any questions, want additional pictures/videos, anything please ask. I want to sell this car, I am willing to be flexible in my price. I have talked with some professional Pontiac builders and classic car enthusiasts, and they have all told me that $8,000 for this car is quite a steal. Even if you don’t like the vehicle, or don’t collect Firebirds or classic cars, this is a great opportunity to double, potentially triple, your money. E-mail me for more information or additional pictures.

Please note: Interior of car is more finished then pictures represent. Will be taking new ones in the coming week. If you are interested, send me an e-mail and I will send those to you directly.

Update: Windshield does have a crack in it, and will need replaced. Wanted to make sure that was included in this information.
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United States
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Lagrange, OH
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Black Primer

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Fully Restored

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Very Good

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Red, Black

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Partially Restored

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Rear-wheel drive

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