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Tips for Effective Searches
  • Don’t be too specific at first, especially if you are searching for a rare vehicle. You can always modify your search criteria later if too many vehicles match your search.
  • If too many vehicles match your search, try the following to narrow your results:
  • Search for a specific year or year range.
  • Limit the results to a specific price range.
  • Find nearby vehicles by entering your state or your ZIP Code and a distance. Only vehicles within the specified area will match your search.
  • Limit the results to just vehicles listed by dealers, by private sellers, or by auction companies.
  • If too few vehicles match your search, try leaving some fields blank (except make and model) to widen your search.
Things to Try When Searching
  • Use the price range options creatively. For example, entering only a maximum price tells the search engine not to display vehicles that are more expensive than your maximum price.
  • Read the make and model lists carefully, as many vehicles go by more than one name. This is especially true for popular makes and models.
  • Generally speaking, model names that include a trim level are more restrictive than model names by themselves. For example, Camaro SS finds only Camaro SS listings, but Camaro finds Camaro SS, Camaro RS, Camaro Z/28, and other Camaros, including the base Camaro.
  • Consider listings without photos—you just might find the perfect car!


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