“Hard to Find” Car Parts Search Service FAQ’s


Since the collector car parts market is vast and disparate at the same time, searchers are overwhelmed with the number of places to look for parts. It is with our experience, resources and relationships that we can sift through all of the possible locations and find parts faster and more efficiently that someone trying to hunt and peck their way through the internet or salvage yards to get the parts they need.

How Do I Request a Parts Search?

The requester can sign up for a parts search by either going to the newly designed “Request a Search” page from NOSpartonline.com.

How Much is the Search Request?

The fee is $150.00 per search request with an additional $50.00 per part on the same order.

How Long Does the Search Last?

We will search for 14 days and if the part/parts are not found, we return a portion of the search fee ($50.00) to the requester.

How Do I Buy the Parts that you Find?

We put the requester in touch with the person who has the part and let them decide price and shipping. It is notour responsibility to negotiate the price of the part.

How Do I Pay for the Search?

The transaction for the search request is done by credit card or paypal with a confirmation email at the time of the request.

What Information Do You Need for the Search?

Designations would have to be made at the time of the request that the parts be NOS, remanufactured, used or third party. Please see our “Request a Search” page for more details.

Are There any Additional Fees?

We may scale the fee based on the type of part requested that might increase the rarity or difficulty of the search.

How Do I Know the Outcome of the Search Results?

Once the part is found or the time for searching has expired, an email informing the requester as to the outcome is generated along with a thank you note.

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