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Greg's List: 1940 Ford Coupe
By Greg Warner

Classic Car Articles by Greg Warner Oh the beautifully sexy, sweeping lines are a sight to behold on the curvaceous body of the 1940 Ford Coupe. It is an historic automotive design (it was the end of the 1937 thru 1940 production run) which instantly made it popular among the masses and would eventually become one of the most desired automobiles to be converted into what is now known as a traditional "Street Rod"! The 1940 Ford Coupe was one of those pre-WWII vehicles produced to minimalist standards, it was not by any means full of flashy chrome or gadgets inside or out and yet it seemed almost a perfect vehicle of choice, for a growing "Street Rodding" culture which increased in great numbers after WWII.

This 1940 Ford Coupe is all steel and full of traditional "Street Rod" components and upgrades including ice cold A/C, grey leather interior, warm "Vintage Air" heater and just a sweet driving, comfortable ride without the usual creeks, groans and rattles of many traditional street rods. Tom, at Fast Lane Classic Cars, Inc., says whomever the proud new owner is, will be very pleased and happy to drive this car anywhere and everywhere. Give him a call at 888-314-8707 for more details about this and the many other fine vehicles the nice folks at Fast Lane Classic Cars, Inc. have to offer. Just over 122,000 "original" 1940 Ford Coupes and Convertibles were ever produced and these authentic, "real-steel body" cars are becoming more and more scarce and desirable and are sure to only increase in value. They (the original production vehicles) were based on a 112-inch wheelbase and weighed around 2,700 pounds in stock form. They were all provided with a "Flathead", V8 engine and backed up by a three-on-the-tree or a three-on-the-floor transmission and all were of the rear-wheel drive variety. They originally came with 12-inch hydraulic brakes all the way around, but most "Street Rods", like this one, now have disc brakes all the way around (or, at least up front).

Thanks for reading and feel free to check out all the other "Street Rods" and "Hot Rods" we have listed right here on! Go ahead, pick one out, rev'r up and give'r a blast down the old tarmac! Blow some cobwebs out and see if you don't feel that good old adrenaline pumping, just like it did years ago when these babies were hooking up at street lights, in every small town across the USA, just for GOOD "OLD FASHIONED" FUN!

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