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Greg's List: 1964 Plymouth Savoy
By Greg Warner

Classic Car Articles by Greg Warner Ok, wow, what a great turnout for the weekly "Green Street Cruise Night" this past Monday evening in McHenry, IL (a small Midwest town located approximately 50 miles northwest of Chicago). Every Monday night from June 6th, 2011 thru October 10th, 2011 the folks of "Letizia Financial Group" (featuring "Chrome Specialty Car Insurance" by ANPAC contact them for any information about this ongoing event at 815-728-0404) and local automobile conglomerate "Gary Lang Auto Group" sponsor this wonderful gathering of everything that rolls, rides, rumbles, and otherwise "cruises" the streets of the local areas and even quite a few of them drive in from several of the nearby Midwestern states! some nights draw as few as 80 cars (usually due to bad weather) while other nights, like this past Monday evening, draw well over 400 vehicles of every style you can imagine from pre-Tin Lizzy era to the most modern of supercars! It is the ultimate in Run-What-Ya-Brung events that has something for everyone from vintage dirt bikes to restored/unrestored antiques, vintage, classics and customs, rat-rods, musclecars, modern musclecars, which, by the way, was the "featured vehicle" of this week (see photo of "special parking" sign), supercars, motorcycles, and well just about any and every type of vehicle you could imagine! Now please keep in mind this is just a local, weekly, "Main Street" America, grassroots, type event!

This week I saw everything from a fully restored 1975 Maico moto-crosser, a sweet, vintage early 1960's Vespa Scooter and a nicely restored (to impeccable standards) 1965 Honda Dream proudly owned by a nice young man by the name of Connor (he drew quite an overwhelming crowd of onlookers and was quizzed by many about his "new" bike, which he gladly answered as best he could). Then there were the rest of the vehicles, and I do mean one of every imaginable automotive genre was represented at the event. I have included photos of many unique vehicles including a "Fronty Ford Boattail" racer, an original Ford GT500 (along with it's original buyer/owner!) and even a 1982 Jeep CJ that shows you how to have a 4WD musclecar with a big block 401 c.i. V8, sportin' a blower! Oh and some over-head shots to try and give you an idea of the crowds of vehicles and people that this 3-hour (6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.) event drew. It is an impressive event for a small, local group of dedicated individuals and enthusiasts to showcase their prides and joys and to just socialize with like minded people in this "brotherhood of gearheads" industry, which we all know and love! Check-out the photos from Monday night's event, and sorry, but I am by no means a professional photographer and never claimed to be one!

Because I saw such an awesome red 1963 Plymouth Savoy (a total "sleeper") 2-door sedan, slightly modified (looked "Factory" to me) by installing a 426 c.i. Hemi, fitted with dual, off-set 4-bbl carburetors and pushing big horsepower, and since the proud owner said it was not for sale . . . it was only fitting that I found a similar vehicle (which is for sale) on as my Pik-O-Da-Week! This 1964 Plymouth Savoy is offered by the enthusiastic team at American Classic Cars of Pomona, CA and for further details about this and the many other fine vehicles they have to offer you can contact them directly @ 1-888-541-8012. This blue 1964 Plymouth Savoy is wicked fast and sports a "Factory" installed 426 c.i. Hemi with dual, off-set 4-bbl carburetors (evidently for the 1963 models, the largest engine available during production was the 383 c.i.), here's what the folks at American Classic Cars wrote about this particular car:

"1964 Plymouth Savoy Blue with 426 factory HEMI iron block dual 4 barrel holly carbs. Factory magnesium cross ram manifold bored to 525 CI factory race hood and intake scoops. Mini tubbed with roll cage NHRA legal never raced. Disc brakes front and rear 25 gal. fuel cell, torque flite trans push button reverse valve body for strength. Factory interior race setup. Misc. spare components. 75K OBO. STOCK/INV. NUMBER: 5be29"

Check it out and see if it's the car you just can't live without and make them an offer if you're feelin' salty! Life's short, you might as well drive fast!

Imagine way back then, when this guy pulls up next to you at the intersection where those makeshift "light trees" are on red (they're just stop and go lights . . . for everyone else) and he gives you the "look" and you know it's go-time! What he doesn't know is that your "Daddy's" old Plymouth is harboring a fire-breathing dragon of a 426 c.i.Hemi V8 with dual-quads and you're running on some real "premium ethyl" racing fuel! You're thinkin', Ok, watch this jackwagon, and you give her just a little tap on the go-pedal, you know, just to give him a little hint, but it's too late to back out now, because he made the challenge and now he's gotta go through with it or it's a "chicken-out" and nobody wants to own up to that! So, you then turn and focus all your attention on that "light tree" and wait for the "change" which signals your brain to mash your foot into that go-pedal and you stomp it clean to the floor and let her fly! The dragon is fully awakened, breathing fire with all she's worth and all that raw horsepower is unleashed and it slingshots you outta sight from your competitor, leaving him in a cloud of smoke and dust! Now the best part woulda been having someone with a smartphone videotaping (unfortunately those would not be around for another 30+ years) the stunned, jaw dropping look on your opponents face as he's thinkin' what the hell is under that hood??? When you slow down enough (about a mile down the road) to let him catch up, you look over and give him the "smirk and nod" with the index finger off the forehead salute, then pull way with smug satisfaction that you've still got "IT"! I just love that!

Have a great weekend and get out there and drive your stuff (carefully of course)! Life's too short to be kept in the garage and outta sight!

As always, thanks for reading and whatever you do in life, make it fun!

Quiz-O-Da-Week: What dynamic, musical foursome made their legendary, American television debut on Ed Sullivan's "Really Big Show" or "Shoe" in February, 1964? I know, too easy right!

Answer: The Beatles

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