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My Corvair Spyder
By Duke Millington, Lindstrom, MN

My Corvair Spyder Growing up in the 50's, I owned a '40 Ford Convertible with no heater, bald tires and held together with bailing wire (Duct Tape wasn't invented yet!). Upon graduating from college, being single and having a full time teaching position, I finally was able to purchase my first new car, a 1964 Corvair Spyder Coupe.

The Corvair Spyder was nimble, fast and an incredible vehicle for the harsh winters of Minnesota. The Corvair provided us with six years of enjoyable driving and dependable service. When our first child came along, I traded it in on a Pinto station wagon...a decision I regretted for years.

Forty-three years later, as a hobby collector and restorer of classic cars, I found and purchased from the estate of the original owner, a '64 Spyder convertible with only 57,000 miles. The vehicle was the same color with all the options as my first Corvair, the car we owned when I married and took a honeymoon trip of over 2,500 miles. Now, I have that first vehicle from the past...bringing back all the memories of a time so long ago.

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