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My High School Dream Car ('66 Corvette Coupe)
Paul Giovannini, Staten Island, New York

My high school dream car 66 corvette coupe My high school dream car 66 corvette coupe When I was in high school my dream car was a Corvette C2 Coupe. Between the many jobs I had while in high school I was still not able to neither buy the car nor afford the insurance. When I turned 25 and the insurance was now affordable, C3 shark bodies were all the craze and I purchased a one year old 1970. After 5 years and needing cash for a failing business I was forced to sell the car.

In 1983 I bought a 1981 Corvette but after 5 years and the birth of my son in 1988 I was once again forced to sell the car, this time for something more family-oriented. Fast forwarding to 2001 I was only five blocks from the World Trade Center when the towers came down. This made me realize that life is short so if you want something go for it. Unfortunately, my 1966 Coupe was once again not affordable. I did, however, buy a 1978 Corvette Indy Pace Car which I enjoyed for 10 years, joining a local Corvette Club (Staten Island Corvette Club). I am the club Historian.

I retired a year ago July and decided to sell my '78 and go for my dream. Through a friend I heard about a '66 Coupe sitting on a lift in a garage not used in the last five years. One look at the car and the rest is history. The '66 was painted the original Silver Pearl color in 2001 and the interior was redone as well. It has side pipes and real knock offs. The motor is not original.

It is a 350 block with angle plug heads and an Edelbrock High Rise Manifold. I replaced the holly carb with a more modern Edelbrock 600 CFM. I drained all the bad gas from the tank and replaced the fuel lines and filters. Additionally, I installed new plugs and wires. It has a DUI electronic distributor. The manufacturer was very helpful as each distributor has an engraved number under the distributor, which I was able to access with a mirror. They were able to tell me the proper plug gap and engine timing based on the original owner’s purchase spec. It is a 4 speed with Hurst shifter and has 308 cruising rear.

It now purrs like a kitten down the highway on pump gas and I am living the dream! When I go to local cruise nights and shows, people often ask how long it took to find the car. I simply reply "only 46 years."

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