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My Dad's Art Inspired My Passion for Cars

Our summer intern Alex Brown, 19 years old, writes about how he got his passion for cars.

Alex and his 240 My Dad's Art Inspired My Passion for Cars
By Alex Brown

Since the earliest stages of my childhood, I have had a love for everything automotive. This passion has undoubtedly stemmed from my father's own passion for cars. My dad Dennis Brown is living his dream as an automotive illustrator. Throughout my childhood I have been fascinated by his phenomenal talent and amazing attention to detail. His love for automobiles has been translated into my own life. I have owned more automobiles in a span of a year than most own in their lives. Simply put, I live, eat, and breathe cars. Some call it an obsession, but it's much more than that--it's a love that has been instilled in me forever. My passion for modifying cars all started with my Scion tC when I got my first exhaust. From there I got the mod bug and continued to turn my tC into a show-winning piece of art by using my knowledge of art and design from my father.

Brown's Art I refuse to drive a stock automobile as I feel my cars are an extension of my personality that represents who I am. My current car, a Nissan Silvia, is by far one of my favorites. I have started setting the car up for drifting and just finished setting up a full drift spec suspension setup. My father has stood by my side as I have worked tireless nights preparing my cars for show, drift, drag and many other forms of motorsports and automotive exhibitions that would cause most fathers to shake in their boots.

Brown in his Studio I don't know a better way to thank him for giving me something that no one else in the entire world can have: the passion for cars that we share and natural talent for art and design. I could not ask for a better friend and fellow car enthusiast and more importantly the best father a son could ever ask for. He has made me so proud of him in everything he does and I always love telling friends about what my dad does for a living. One of my favorite things to do is have new people over to my apartment because I get to show off his masterpieces of art that I have proudly displayed on every wall. When I tell them that my dad painted those paintings, people's reactions are priceless and it really makes me realize how lucky and blessed I am to have him as a father.

Alex and his 240 So Dad, I thank you for everything you have ever done and continue to do for me and I wish you and Raine the best the world has to offer you!

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