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A Dealer's Perspective
Lance Stander Your Story A Dealer's Perspective I grew up around classic cars. My father Stan Stander was an avid car collector and because of him and his passion, I have always loved classic cars. It makes me very happy that the demand for classic cars has grown over the last few years, especially for cars forty years and older. I believe this is because of the expansion of car based television shows, websites and magazines. If people are exposed to these amazing classic vehicles they are bound to fall in love. What is so great is that media exposure reaches people of all ages, and the passion for these cars now extends over multiple generations.

Looking back over the cars my father and I owned, I would have kept my 1974 Porsche 911 2.7 mechanical injection Carrera and my father's Aston Martin DB5 Superleggera Convertible. He had it for about 8 years; just long enough for me to fall absolutely in love with it. As much as I wish I still had the car, it served a great purpose. In 1977 he sold it to start Hillbank Motors in Hillbrow South Africa, on the hill next to the bank, hence the name Hillbank. I fell in love with cars at a very young age because of my father and my words of wisdom to the next generation would be to take all the young members of their family to car shows and events. Aside from allowing you to bring your family closer, including the young ones will ensure the next generation of car lovers.

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