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A Couple of Swedish Cowboys
By Gavin Garrow Your Story A Couple of Swedish Cowboys 1959 Chrysler New Yorker convertible in Persian Pink The story of a couple of "Swedish Cowboys": the first being a 1959 Chrysler New Yorker convertible in Persian Pink, the second being a 1964 Chrysler New Yorker Sedan in Rosewood Metallic. Both of these cars were purchased in Vasteras, Sweden at the famous "Big Power Meet", the ‘59 in 2002 and the ’64 in 2013. The Power Meet is a fantastic show held in early July in the town of Vasteras and is an absolute must for fans of mid-Century American cars! The sheer quality and variety of "dreamboats" over four days of cruising fun in the "midnight sun" is something else! Every year this event seems to grow with an average of 14,000-15,000 "chrome encrusted cuties" attending, mostly from the Scandinavian countries. A number of cars in attendance were sold new in Sweden as American cars have always been popular there. They have a liking for convertibles, particularly late fifties "Mopars" and high-end models from Plymouth, Dodge, De Soto Chrysler and Imperial. Last year they managed to top the number of one-day attendees by featuring the 1959 Dodge Custom Royal convertible! A large number of some were "D500" models too! That was something else, a stunning display on the show field and most likely the largest grouping of this model for many, many years! A truly amazing spectacle… which leads to the story of the 1959 New Yorker convertible.

We, my brother and myself, have been attending the above show for 20 plus years. We have owned a number of "Yanks" here in England over the years and were into Edsels around 1990. This led to an invitation to attend Power Meet back then. We made friends over time and we heard that a gentleman who was also into Edsels had a 1959 Chrysler New Yorker for sale! We had known about the car for a couple of years and had driven the car on "cruise nights" a couple of times! She was all original with low miles and drove like a new car! The opportunity was too good to pass up, so we sold some cars back in the UK and a deal was done! That was back in 2002 and we are still enjoying our New Yorker. She came with all the original paperwork and build sheets, two were found on this car. She is a very early production model and is loaded with options. She was featured in a number of Swedish Auto mags when she was first imported into Sweden in the early '90's. She is one of 286 examples built for the 1959 season and is a beautiful example. The history of this car’s early life is interesting as she was retained by Chrysler for the "show circuit". That's the fun of old cars, the history that comes with them!

The second New Yorker, being a 1964 four door sedan has led a charmed life too! She is resplendent in Rosewood Metallic with a matching rose brocade cloth interior. With just 15,000 miles from new, she is in fact a new old car! This original gem was sold on October 5th 1963, with a 1955 Chrysler New Yorker traded in on same with a $700 allowance on the new '64. Again she has all the original paperwork with her. She has the same 413 cu in V8 as the '59 and is loaded with power options. She just lost her original tyres when imported into Sweden as they have tough MOT tests etc. Otherwise she is fine! We found her for sale at last July's Power Meet and again she was too good to pass-by! Another deal was done and we imported her into the UK recently. She drove like a dream through Southern Sweden and into Denmark. An interesting difference between the two cars is the handling, both being torsion bars and leaf springs etc, but the '64 is much softer than the '59! More lean and sway etc! A little soft but very comfortable. During the mid-sixties Plymouth Fury sedans were available new in the UK. They were Canadian-built with RHD and heavy-duty export springs! They handled very well in tests back in the day! They had 318 cu in V8's.

So that's the story of the two "Swedish Cowboys" separated by five model years! An interesting detail on the '64 is the square steering wheel, an idea tried on the British Austin Allegro in the early seventies! Allegro was also on the "short name" list for the "Edsel" too! Just to finish on a strange coincidence…when the UK registrations were allocated at random to both the '59 back in 2002 and the '64 last month, the first three letters of both spelled part of the Swedish owners’ first names! Strange but true!!

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