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The Greatest Decision I Ever Had to Make
How I ended up with one of my dad's bikes
By Riccardo Gale

The Greatest Decision I Ever Had to Make My dad and I have always been great friends. Together we've shared countless long days enjoying the various cars and motorcycles we've collected over our lives. When I reflect on my childhood, the vision that always comes to mind is the two of us rounding the hairpin near Muir Woods on Highway One in the ‘54 XK120, crossed up sideways in a loud screechy drift, giggling like mad. Or me holding on tight as we tackled the legendary Sunday Morning Ride atop his '73 Honda Dunstall 900, then parking along the shoulder to watch local legends like "Red Fred" drag a knee right around us, popping a massive wheelie upon corner exit. These are the experiences that helped cement in me the passion for cars and motorcycles that we continue to share as adults.

Pop and I still get together often for long fast rides through west marin, be it on two wheels, four wheels, and sometimes even three.

1985 Triking

I love his collection of cars and bikes, and though mine's a bit smaller, he has a real soft spot for my toys as well. We often borrow one another's cars and bikes, our garages separate but, in a strange sense, almost shared just the same.

None of which, however, could have prepared me for a question he dropped on me one day this past spring. "Riccardo", he said, "I'm not riding the bikes as much as I used to and I bet you'd enjoy having one. I don't care which one, as I really like them all. How about you tell me which one you think you'd most enjoy using, and I'll be happy to give it to you".

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