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Here's a little tale about an adventure or two I've had with old cars

My first was a near mint, totally original 1936 Chevrolet five window coupe. I coached youth football back in the '70s and one of my players asked for a drive home to get his helmet.

There, on a side street were two old Chevys, a '29 four door with a For Sale sign and the little coupe. As I asked about the four door, the guy's 300 lb or so brother sidled up, put his huge arm around me and told me his coupe was for sale, too.

The next night my almost new wife and I went for a drive with him in its cozy confines in the pouring rain with the one poor little vacuum operated wiper trying mightily to keep up. She agreed with me that we needed the car and $1,750 later it was ours!

We went all over the place in that car and I sold it for around $2,600 three years later.

By the way, my everyday driver at the time was a Vega GT that I bought new after selling my 1969 Camaro that I had also bought new. Oh well, if we knew then what we know now!

Probably my greatest oldie was my '40 ford Deluxe Tudor hot rod. An older gentleman at a car show with his nice '59 Ford told me, "I've got another old car you might want." That's all it took for me to drive some 100 miles to his little rural town and what to my wondering eyes discover but a complete '40 Deluxe Tudor.

I flat bedded it home, filed the points and gave her a little sip of a gas and oil mix and voila, her '53 Merc mill fired right up and ran like a charm. We bled the brakes and she then was roadworthy, albeit with no exhaust system.

I sold the engine for $400 to a second old guy who wanted it for his long forgotten hot rod. I installed a 400 small block Chevy, Turbo 350, disc brakes, and a Monte Carlo rear end which happened to have 2.42 gears! She rode on another original frame off a four door and had a four inch dropped axle with parallel lef springs out back.

I ran big and little wide white bias ply tires with flipper caps for visual effect! There was no power steering, A/C, or even a radio. The all black car got sanded and buffed twie and I had a buddy stitch up a white tuck 'n roll interior with red piping just like back in the day. I added subtle white pinstriping for visual effect.

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