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My Dream Car
We’ve all heard the line, “Welcome to Hollywood – what’s your dream?” Well, I don’t exactly live in Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a dream. As far back as I can remember, I’ve had a fabulous dream, and it wasn’t about a career, winning the lottery, or buying a summer home in the Hamptons. My dream is to own a Chevrolet Corvette C1, 1959 to be exact.

You might say that’s not such a big deal, but before you do, let me point out a few things. There were only 9,670 Corvettes produced in that year, the fewest in any single year since that time. The specs of my dream car make it even rarer, and today, there are precious few of the 59’s still running, and available for sale.

1959 was the first year for a lot of great features on the Corvette, which helped to make it the sought-after car it is today. 1959 was the first year that black was offered as an interior color. It was also the first year the 4-speed shifter had a reverse-lockout T handle. Ditto for metallic brake linings.

I envision the car of my dreams to be the ultimate classic Corvette – a 2-door convertible in glossy Tuxedo Black with silver coves, with a black interior, and complete with shiny hubcaps highlighting its whitewall tires. An auxiliary hardtop would complete the package. I’ve always loved the way the Vette’s hood opens “backwards” for a unique view of the menacing beauty of its V8 engine.

Oh, yeah, everybody has a dream. Practicality and availability don’t even come into play in my dream – just one heck of an incredible, classic sports car that is actually two cars in one: a sensible, smooth ride about town – and a “watch out boys, we’re opening her up” monster on the open road. The 1959 Corvette fills the bill, and when my dream does come true, she’ll fill my garage, too.

Henry Wadsworth
Evanston, IL
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