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Gone in 12 Months
When that movie Gone in 60 Seconds came out and I realized that the prized car of Nicholas Cage's character was a 1967 Mustang Fastback, I must admit that I developed a mild case of depression.

From the moment Ford began producing their Mustang line, I knew that I had to have one—period. The Pony Car was the first mid-sized muscle car and let me tell you, compared with anything else on the road at that time, they positively screamed! And then, Ford redesigned the Mustang for 1967 and the Fastback was born.

I couldn't afford the first couple of models because I was still in high school when they came out. But my father got me a job at the steel mill where he worked after graduation and I began counting down to the day when I could walk into a Ford showroom and drive off with a new Mustang of my own.

Two years later, I did just that and bought a 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback with the 390 engine, air conditioning, and a number of other options that other cars would not have for years. My Mustang had enough power to roast the tires whenever I wanted. The exterior was jet black with the white racing stripe down the rocker panels and a matching black interior. I felt like I owned the world when I drove that car and I swore that I could never be parted from it.

But, life is what happens when you are making all your grand plans. Driving one of the hottest rides in town, it wasn't too hard to find a girlfriend. Within a year and with my first child on the way, I had to make a decision: grow up and take care of my responsibilities or continue driving my precious Fastback. The truth is that I and my future wife needed a house a lot more than we needed that car, so yes, I had to sell my Fastback and get a more subdued but responsible car instead.

Yes, that movie did dredge up some painful regrets about my car. But, with four beautiful children and 9 grandchildren, how bad can I really feel? Of course I miss my Fastback and the feeling it gave me when I drove it. But if asked to do it again, believe me, there still would be no real decision to make.

James Rettin
Sioux Falls, Iowa
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