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Greg's List: Triumph TR6
By Greg Warner

Classic Car Articles by Greg Warner The 1969 through 1976 Triumph "TR6", was a great, and mostly unchanged, throughout the 8-year production run, for the quick, nimble and what-a-blast-to-drive, totally "British" sports cars of the day (unfortunately, also the end of a great era for Triumph, and all true British sports cars, as we knew them). The Triumph"TR6" was only produced as a front engine, rear-wheel drive, 2-door convertible, sports car, whose "new-for-1969" body was only slightly redesigned by the famous Karmann group of Germany (while maintaining many components, both body and chassis wise, from the previous TR4/A and TR5/TR250 models). The front-end was widened and modernized, while the rear-end was given an angular, "Kamm-back" styling, which was becoming popular at the time. The only engine available was the 2,498cc (152.4 c.i. or 2.5L), in-line, 6-cylinder with twin "SU" (or later Stromberg) carburetors and producing around 105hp (the European market, and "British" only versions were available with P.I., or "petrol-injection" and produced in the area of 150hp!). This torquey little, OHV, pushrod design, 6-cylinder, was coupled to a fully synchromesh, four-speed, manual transmission (and an optional, electrically switched, "overdrive" transmission was also available). The wheelbase was a mere 88 inches, the overall length was only 155.5 inches, the total width was 61 inches and it was only a short 50 inches high, while weighing a paltry 2,300 lbs (+/-)! The Triumph "TR6" was a great little "Sports car" package, that could reach 0-60 in approximately 8.2 seconds, run through the 1/4-mile traps at around 16.3 seconds and attain a top speed of around 120 mph. Nothing earth-shattering, but a lot of fun, none-the-less!

While the interior of the Triumph "TR6" was typically "British" in styling and appointments, with plenty of odd switches and levers, full instrumentation, with comfy, sporty seats, it was cozy, yet actually roomy enough for a person over 6-ft tall. It had the typical wood veneer dash board of the day, plush carpeting all over the place and a "nice-feeling" steering wheel. With the re-designed rear-body area by the afore mentioned Karmann group, there was a lot more room for luggage and/or groceries than in most previous sports cars of this size. For mid-1973, and again, due to U.S. Government "safety mandates", a huge pair of (and most people agree "ugly") black-rubber, bumper "over-riders" was added to both front and rear bumpers to meet the 5 mph impact ratings. It was of the steel frame/steel body design for its entire production run and had a semi-trailing arm rear, independent suspension with coil springs and knee-action, lever-style shocks. The front disc brakes and rear drum brakes were more than adequate, with the power assisted booster system. The steering was handled nicely, by a rack and pinion style system, with huge 15" wheels/tires (Redlines were the cats-ass) all the way around.

Sketchy records indicated that some 96,000+ Triumph "TR6" cars were produced from 1969 through 1976 and over 83,000 of those ended up in North America! That made the "TR6" the most popular and most produced Triumph in the "TR" series history (the "TR" series ran from 1953 thru 1980). Making the Triumph "TR6" a very desirable and somewhat valuable and unique collectible vehicle in today's market. Many of these cars have rusted away to nothing, leaving very few, good, original-condition units out there.

Have fun, drive safe and put the top down! Check out this fine example of a recently restored, 1975 Triumph "TR6", offered for sale by a nice ol' chap named Chris in, that's right, Niceville, FL! Also, check out the other Triumph vehicles available on as well as the thousands of other vehicles we have listed by our many individuals, Dealers and Auction Houses! Good luck and enjoy the weather!

Quiz of the week: What emission control device was "widely" introduced on production vehicles, in the U.S.A., in 1975?

Hint: The answer can be found easily and quickly in any of our "flashback" tabs on your favorite 1975 vehicle listing.

Answer: The catalytic converter

Again, thanks for reading Greg's List and also for visiting first and often, for all your Classic Car needs!

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