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Greg's List: 1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe
By Greg Warner

Classic Car Articles by Greg Warner The epitome of the true, original American "Hot Rod", has to be the 1932 Ford Coupe (one of several 2-door models, of the new Model "B" series from Ford) which is more commonly referred to as the "Deuce Coupe"! The car that started it all was born at the end of the Ford Model "A" run and was basically a one-year model that transitioned the Model ''A" series into the upgraded for 1934 Ford model lineup (the 1934 and 35 "B" models were significantly changed from the stand-alone 1932's). At some point in the early 1940's as our "boys" were returning home from the theatre of WWII, they were expressing themselves with new energy, restlessness and maybe a bit of rebellion, as they found an outlet in "hot-rodding" old cars (if you consider a 1932 "old" in the 40's!) which were readily available in large numbers and the 1932's were even more desirable than Model "A's", or even Model "T's", due to their more powerful "Flathead V8" drivetrains (the Flathead V8's were actually marketed as the "Model 18", in their day).

The 1932 Ford's were produced in many variations of both 2 and 4-door models, but the 2-door models seemed to make the best "Hot Rods" and "Street Rods". There were also many different styles in which to modify these cars, like the "Highboy", "Lowboy", "Lake", "Bobbed", "Gasser" and "Rat Rod" just to name a few. Each one became an individual expression of the owner's (or creator's) idea of what he thought a "Hot Rod" or "Street Rod" was meant to be. There was a lot of part, component and drivetrain swapping going on and some people got really creative with fabrications and many businesses sprang up, as a result of these early pioneers, builders and dreamers, which still exist to this day in what has become known as the enormous automotive aftermarket! In fact, many of the innovations born from the "Hot Rodding" and "Street Rodding" world, have been adopted by and installed on production vehicles from all the major automobile manufacturers in the world! Heck, I doubt we'd have all the beloved and prized "Musclecars" running around out there, if it weren't for the early pioneers of the "Hot Rodding" and "Street Rodding" cultures.

The 1932 Ford 5-window Coupe shown above is offered for sale by Matt Buttelwerth of Cincinnati, OH (feel free to contact him directly, with any questions about this fine rendition of a traditional "Hot Rod", @ 513-662-4856) and was recently fully restored from an original old-school "Hot Rod" that was actually created many years ago. Here's what Matt says about it in his short "ad" description . . . "If American Graffiti is your style, this 1932 5-Window Ford "Deuce Coupe" is what you're looking for. A completely restored 1932 Ford "Deuce Coupe" running a 46 Ford V-8 Flathead Full Race Motor with 3 single barrel Stromberg carbs. Edelbrock heads with Offenhauser intake. Original steel hot rod, just underwent engine restore. Body & Interior in great condition. Pictures don't do it justice. Plenty of trophies for this show winner."

Check out this fine example of a genuine, original "Hot Rod" and the many thousands of other vehicles, including many other "Hot Rods", "Street Rods" and just good ol' rollin' iron we have listed right here on, the largest collector car marketplace in the world! Please feel free to browse our events and auctions sections to see what's goin' on in your neck-o-the-woods and oh, check out our Lifestyle Galleria while you're at it! As always, thanks for reading, drive safe and enjoy the RIDE! And hey, why not "Drive your Dream", TODAY!

Quiz of the week: What was the most popular film of the year for 1932? (Remember, you can find the answer under our "flashback" tab in any vehicle ad listing for 1932!)

Answer: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!

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